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Maryland High School STUDENTS WALK OUT HOAX & PROTEST Donald Trump’s Election! Is Martial Law Close?

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A group of hundreds of Maryland high school students walked out of class on Monday morning to protest Donald Trump’s presidential election, streaming into the school’s football field before numerous students headed out into local streets, tying up traffic.

Students from Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring moved their protest along University Boulevard, heading toward other Montgomery County schools in an attempt to recruit more anti-Trump protesters. Many of the students who walked out of class at about 10 a.m. returned to class before their next period began shortly after 11 a.m.

Some students said they walked out as a show of solidarity with people who felt alienated during Trump’s campaign, including immigrants and minorities.
“I feel disappointed that Trump is president,” said ninth grader Jorge Ventura, 15. “I feel anyone, any race, should come here and feel welcome.”

Immigrants contribute to American society, he said. “They could cure Ebola, cancer, anything like that.”

[In election’s wake, racist incidents have schools on edge]

Blair students talked about their school being diverse — 26 percent of the students are black and 32 percent are Hispanic — and how they believe it is important to stand up for minorities in the U.S. Officials estimated that about 1,000 students walked out, about a third of the school’s 2,800 student body.

“Montgomery County students are coming together to show how we care about this topic, and he is not our president “ said Northwood High School student Lulawit Adhanom, 14, as she walked down University Boulevard toward the protest started by Blair students, which went on toward the Westfield Wheaton mall.
Montgomery County Students Walk Out Over Presidential Election Results
Large group of Md. high school students walk out to protest Trump’s election
Students walk out of Md. high schools to protest Trump
Montgomery Co. students walk out in protest of election
Montgomery County students walked out of schools to protest president-elect Donald Trump
Montgomery County High School Students Walk Out In Trump Protest

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