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Bernie Sanders’ Surprise Speech Outside The White House On Rejecting Dakota Pipeline!

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We feature a surprise address by Senator Bernie Sanders outside the White House on Tuesday during a global day of action against the Dakota Access pipeline that included demonstrations in over 300 cities. “Today we are saying it is time for a new approach to the Native American people, not to run a pipeline through their land,” Sanders said, demanding that their sovereign rights be honored. He also spoke about the need for politicians to protect access to clean water, recognize that climate change is real, and support an aggressive shift away from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources.

Senator Bernie Sanders spoke Tuesday evening at a rally condemning the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Bernie Sanders’ speech emphasized water, noting theories that future wars will be fought not over lack of oil, but over lack of water. In addition to historical preservation, he feels the project threatens the local water supply. He added that the project is would have “the same impact on the environment as adding 21 million cars to our roads.”

“This is crazy stuff,” he proclaimed. “This pipeline must be stopped.”

Hillary Clinton, who was endorsed by Bernie Sanders, has not yet commented on the pipeline. Meanwhile, Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein has a warrant out for her arrest after protesting on-site at the pipeline.

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