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Hillary Re-emerged Publicly Resembling An Extra From The Walking Dead!

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Hillary Clinton surfaced publicly for the very first time since her concession speech resembling death warmed over, barely a upbraiding to the “conspiracy theorists” who wondered about her health in the course of the election cycle.

Hillary presented a speech at a función for the Children’s Defense Fund, which is relatively paradoxical given that she once jeered about defending a child rapist who she understood was guilty.


                   Clinton looked like an extra from the Walking Dead

Nevertheless, some of the folks in attendance could possibly have assumed they’d inadvertently stumbled onto the set of a episode of The Walking Dead and that Hillary was one of the extras.

Hillary appeared gaunt and worn out, with massive bags under her bloodshot eyes. The Daily Mail was a little more courteous, confirming that Hillary was “weary-looking”.


That’s unusual given that she just had a week off and expended most of her presidential campaign slumbering or AWOL.


                                                               Image credit: Getty images


“Seeing her now, I wonder if she was wearing some sort of prosthetics on her face in combination with buckets of paint to make herself appear human,” stated Chris Menahan.

“Hillary isn’t going to make it to see Trump inaugurated,” one Twitter user wisecracked.

Her awful visual appeal once again corroborates worries voiced by what the media termed “conspiracy theorists” in the course of her failed campaign that Hillary was in ill health subsequent a number of falls, stumbles and other strange behavior.

“Coming here tonight wasn’t easy,” said Clinton during her speech.

Indeed, Hillary, it must have been challenging to lug yourself out of your sick bed.


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