Megyn Kelly Just Lost Her Mind On Air, They Should Fire Her For What She Just Said?!

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Mark Lutchman for Liberty Writers reports, Megyn Kelly went on Fox News with Shepard Smith to promote her new book, “Settle for More”. She goes off & compares being bullied as a 7th grader to being bullied by Donald Trump. When will you just give up Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly On Being Bullied Growing Up & Donald Trump. Megyn Kelly joined her colleague Shep Smith on Fox this afternoon to talk about her book Settle for More and her rocky relationship with Donald Trump. She made it clear she doesn’t think he was bullying her, but it was instead an “attempt at bullying.” Why the distinction? Because as far as Kelly’s concerned, bullying has the end goal of getting the victim to comply, and she did not. She admitted she was scared for her safety, but “never changed my coverage because of his threats or his attention.” Smith asked why she thinks he did it. Kelly responded, “You’re gonna have to take that up with Dr. Phil. I don’t know. I don’t really understand.” Kelly also reflected on her Trump Tower meeting with The Donald himself and Smith asked her if she’ll be able to tolerate him and this kind of behavior from the President-elect.

Watch how Kelly answered above, via Fox News.

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