President Trump Just Made APPLE Do Something Astounding For U.S. Employment!

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Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, Donald Trump has not even been elected President for a month and already our economy is booming! Now America is reclaiming industry for blue collar workers.

What the, what? Presidential candidate Donald J Trump has a strategy to “make America great again.” Part of that strategy is to pressure Apple to produce all its products in the United States. If we believed Apple’s iPhones were presently expensive, just hang on till Trump is done with it. “We’re going to get Apple to build their damn computers and things in this country instead of in other countries,” Trump stated in a speech presented at Liberty University in Virginia.

Apple does some of its production in the United States currently. The Mac Pro has its own factory in Austin, Texas, and the company boasts “thirty-one of the 50 states provide parts, materials, or equipment to make Apple products.” But there’s still a lot of work going to China, workers toiling to make sure we all receive our yearly iPhones promptly.

Trump’s strategy is part of his bigger mission to deliver money and jobs back into the United States. Trump has earlier suggested putting a 45 percent contract price on Chinese exports. The issue with this strategy is most tech manufacturers and other companies have setup shop over in China’s factories to construct low-cost products for American consumers.

“We gotta create jobs – we gotta bring back the jobs from China, we gotta bring back the jobs from Japan and all these countries that are ripping us off,” he stated. Trump feels this trend is because of a failure in American leadership to effectively make a deal with corporations. Trump states campaign donations is the root of the issue. But he’s quick to denote that he is not in anyone’s pocket – he has funded his own campaign. He will not owe any favors if he’s elected.

Trump plans on making it extremely costly to manufacture outside of the United States, imposing a 35% tax every time a manufacturer’s products crossed America’s borders from overseas.

What’s intriguing, Trump states to be “free-trader,” but this affirmation is contradicted by his perception that American companies should never manufacture anywhere but in America. “Free trade is good. But we have to do it [force them back to the US]. Or we will not have a country left,” he stated.


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