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Trump Names General Michael Flynn As Security Advisor, Critics Say “Flynn Is NUTS”!

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The Conservative Tribune reports, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, the hard-charging former military man who made headlines when he gave an impassioned speech for President-elect Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention this summer, will be Trump’s Security Advisor.

Flynn was a very vocal part of the crusade criticizing Hillary Clinton for her handling of classified documents by using a private email server.

He in fact was guilty of mishandling classified documents and actually sharing classified U.S.TOP SECRET intelligence information with a foreign government.

Flynn’s foreign ties are extensive and has even sat next to Vladimir Putin at a state dinner promoting Russian Television better know as RT.

Flynn was cast out of the Obama cabinet due to his temperament and inability to function well with others and has been described as “Off the Reservation” by those that know him the most.


Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn has accepted the role of national security adviser, according to senior Trump transition officials.

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