Holy Crap! Trump Pardons Hillary! Stabs Supporters In The Back! Breaks Biggest Promise! Won’t Pursue Hillary Clinton Investigations!

Written by JayWill7497


I hope this isn’t true. Trump made a promise to the American people and he can’t go back on it. If he does he is basically exposing a side of him that his supporters hoped they wouldn’t see. There really are people that are above the law. This is really disturbing. Gowdy, Chaffetz, FBI agents, and the American people have been stabbed in the back! Trump knows she’s guilty as hell. He has Roger Stone, Tom Fitton, Giuliani, etc. There are books written about it. He stabbed all the Women that Bill abused that came out and supported him in the back as well. This would be absolutely disgusting.

I understand the thinking of trying to end partisanship, but I don’t agree… she has too many supporters who would be angry if she gets prosecuted…but at the same time, her supporters will say she wasn’t indited, so she did nothing wrong. Joe sailor goes to jail for 2 confidential pictures on his phone, but Clinton has a whole servers, laptops, and mobile phones filled with TS/SCI and she gets away with it? This type of thinking needs to end. Laws need to be enforced. If laws are unmoral or two harsh, then repeal them.


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These People Are A Danger To Themselves And Others! Wake Up!!!!!!

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