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WOW! The Hamilton Actor Who Attacked Mike Pence Just Got Taken Down Today!

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Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, You will not see this on the Washington Post. You won’t see this on CNN. They are only filled with leftist lies and try and smear people that don’t fit their agenda.

President-elect Donald Trump chided the cast of the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton” Saturday immediately after the play’s cast “harassed” Vice President-elect Mike Pence Friday during a performance of the play – even asking the cast to apologize to Pence.

Liberals praised the cast for speaking out. But today, conservatives who truly feel personally offended by the cast’s remarks are calling for a boycott of the play.

Making use of the hashtag “#BoycottHamilton,” conservatives took to Twitter Saturday to express their contempt with what was identified as an assault on conservatism as a whole.

The hashtag became the number 1 topic on Twitter Saturday afternoon.

Nevertheless, liberals took to Twitter to make fun of those calling for a boycott of the popular musical, stating those calling for the boycott possibly couldn’t afford to pay for tickets to the play or don’t even understand what it’s about.

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These People Are A Danger To Themselves And Others! Wake Up!!!!!!

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