NBC Caught Blatantly Trying To Sell False Information!

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The Conservative Tribune reports, As stunned supporters of failed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton continue to try to figure out what went wrong for them in the 2016 election, the object of blame du jour is the prevalence of so-called “fake news” on social media.

As shocked proponents of failed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton continue to attempt to determine what went drastically wrong for them in the 2016 election, the target of blame du jour is the epidemic of so-called “fake news” on social media.

This “fake news” might be anything from brazenly bogus posts to totally obvious satire, from misleading “click-bait” headlines to out-of-context quotes, and even though mainstream media outlets like NBC have fretted publicly over the impact it has on the public, they have frequently been just as guilty of marketing such things as the predominately right-leaning alternative media outlets at which they sling smears and allegations.

Take for instance the latest interview between MSNBC’s Chuck Todd – who has himself delved into the total “fake news” discussion, based on RealClear Politics – and President-elect Donald Trump’s fresh chief of staff Reince Priebus, where fittingly only part of Priebus’ reaction to a pointed question was utilized for a obviously deceptive headline on NBC’s coverage of the interview.

Todd had inquired if Priebus would positively “rule out” the development of a Muslim registry under a Trump administration, to which Preibus responded, “Look, I’m not going to rule out anything, but we’re not going to have a registry based on a religion.”

Demonstrating that its own relationship with the truth leaves a lot to be sought after, NBC marketed the interview with a headline that bellowed only that the new administration was “not going to rule anything out,” leaving out the 2nd part of the reaction, which mentioned there would be no registry determined by religion.

As could be predicted, several other liberal-leaning media outlets, which includes the New York Daily News, ran with the NBC headline and marketed the misleading half-quote, basically carrying out the same privado of perpetuating “fake news” that they purport to be so worried about.

Subsequently, conservative-leaning alternative outlets – such as this one – are starting additional initiatives to make sure the reliability and truthfulness of what we are reporting, lest they fall into the same behavior as the mainstream of spewing nonsensical hype that lessens credibility and is targeted more at spreading a narrative-driven goal rather than informing the public with the truth.

Ideally the mainstream media will start to adhere to their own advice and admonitions concerning true and “fake” news, but we will not be holding our breath on that.

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