U.S. May Have Issued 19,000 Incorrect Green Cards, According to Report – Immigration Dept. Sends Out Thousands Of Green Cards To Wrong Addresses!

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The Conservative Tribune reports, If you didn’t think things could get worse with the problem of immigration, think again. A new Department of Homeland Security inspector general’s report revealed that thousands of green cards have been misplaced or simply lost over the past three years.

If you didn’t imagine things could get more painful with the issue of immigration, reconsider that thought. A new Department of Homeland Security inspector general’s review exposed that thousands of green cards have been misplaced or basically lost over the past 3 years.

An internal examine of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services exposed scary statistics that persuaded DHS Inspector General John Roth to encourage greater steps to prevent any likely risky scenarios.

The record pointed out that electronic system mistakes had been attributed for some 19,000 cards being distributed as duplicates or with incorrect data. This wrong data could comprise of wrong names, dates of birth, photos and gender, the report stated.

“It appears that thousands of green cards have simply gone missing,” Roth stated in a news release, as outlined by ABC News.

“In the wrong hands, green cards may enable terrorists, criminals and undocumented aliens to remain in the United States. It is vital that USCIS ensure better tools and procedures are in place to mitigate such risks,” the report stated.

The quantity of missing cards has amplified considerably over the past 2 years. In fiscal year 2013, the number documented was 44,519. In fiscal year 2014, it jumped to 67,247. In fiscal year 2015, that number elevated to a massive 92,645.

The agency blamed technical issues with their immigration database in addition to problems with the U.S. Postal Service.

The audit also exposed that the USCIS produced at least 19,000 cards that were either duplicates or included wrong data. USCIS also issued cards with 10-year expiration dates to 2,400 immigrants who were only authorized to stay in the country for 2 years. The bulk of those cards have not been retrieved.

In the last 3 years, more than 200,000 applicants noted their cards were never sent, the report stated.

It should be mentioned that the true number of missing cards was not immediately identified.

As just stated, we have an case of how the incompetency of Obama’s government has put Americans at an increased risk.


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