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WWIII Update: Now Russia Blasts ‘Aggressive’ NATO After Moving Missiles Deep Into Europe!

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VINCENT WOOD for the Express reports, VLADIMIR Putin’s Government has hit out at “aggressive” NATO after being questioned on its deployment of ballistic missiles between Lithuania and Poland.

Russian missile complexes have already been integrated in the most western of Russian’s provinces – the tiny region of Kaliningrad which was divided from mainland Russia after the fall of the soviet union.

But the Kremlin has blasted worries that it is planning for military measures, with spokesperson Dmitry Peskov suggesting Moscow is defending itself from NATO development.

The livid official stated: “Russia is doing all that is necessary to protect itself against the backdrop of NATO’s expansion toward its borders.

“NATO is indeed an aggressive bloc, that is why Russia is doing everything that is necessary.

“Russia has all the sovereign rights to take the necessary measures across all the territory of the Russian Federation.”


On the other hand Nato officials have shot back at the Kremlin’s claims, stating deployment of missiles in the region “does not help to lower tensions or restore predictability to our relations”.

There are presently issues in Lithuania, with Foreign minister Linas Linkevicius stating he was “very afraid” for the Baltic region as he cautioned Putin could test Nato in the weeks prior to the election of future US President Donald Trump.

The call for defence of Russian borders comes after Kremlin senator Viktor Ozerov earlier this week maintained a defence shield of US cruise missiles had been routed to Poland and Romania, building a strong line of military might from the Baltic coast to the Black Sea.

Mr Ozerov included: “One of the reasons why Russia opposed the deployment of the American Anti Ballistic Missile system in Europe was the concern that this infrastructure may be quickly converted to deploy strike systems, in particular land-based cruise missiles.

“These concerns are being confirmed today.

“In response to that we will be forced to beef up our air and space defence system in that direction and to deploy additional forces to defend our military facilities and command centres.

“This includes the deployment of S-400 and Iskander systems in Kaliningrad, and the formation of new units in the Western and Southern military districts.”


It comes after an powerful military specialist who forecasted the annexation of Crimea cautioned Donald Trump could confront a possible third world war if the US comes to the rescue of Baltic countries attempting to get away from Russia’s clutches.

Nato members which includes Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia were rapid to compliment the new President-elect subsequent his victory earlier this month, as the Baltic nations nervously waited to learn whether he would prevent bankrolling their defence in opposition to Russia.

The US had been safeguarding the countries from any attack presented by Vladimir Putin in the course of heightened worry the maverick leader had strategies to invade and reestablish them to Soviet control.

Currently Professor Paul Miller alerts the world could be confronting the next great war, suggesting Latvia will be first hit.

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