Trump Trolls Media With Flag Burning Tweet, Media Ignores Hillary Clinton Held Same View!

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Video Transcript:

The press are hellbent on making Donald Trump appear foolish for his recent tweet about flag burnings.

Ironically, what the media doesn’t want you to know is Hillary Clinton also favored punishments in 2006.

CLINTON: So I hope, Mr. President, that we can pass a law that criminalizes flag burning and description. I agree that this burning, this desecration, that can happen to our flag, is something that people have a right to ask this body to try to prohibit and prevent.

Flashback: Watch What Hillary Clinton Had to Say About Flag Burning

Charles Krauthammer said Trump baited the Left and they fell for it.

KRAUTHAMMER: I don’t understand why people are getting scandalized. Yes, it was ill advised, yes, it’s unconstitutional. He was expressing what I think 90 percent of Americans think. And what [Justice Antonin] Scalia himself, who was with the majority in saying it was unconstitutional to prosecute anybody, Scalia himself said “if it was up to me, I’d put them in jail.” So, I would advise the Left not to take the bait on this. Trump put a very large piece of cheese out there, and if the Left wants to go after him on the burning of the flag, they are going to lose. He didn’t say I’m going to change the law or upend the Constitution. If he says that, then we can have an all-out argument on that. This is an expression of a sentiment.

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