Wretched! This CNN Anchor Just Proclaimed An Open Grudge Against Trump On Live TV!

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The Conservative Tribune reports, there had been hopes following the election that the media may reassess themselves and how they handled covering Trump, but if the words uttered by CNN anchor Chris Cuomo were any indication, we are in for a rather tumultuous ride over the next four years. According to Real Clear Politics, Cuomo essentially declared an open and ongoing vendetta against Trump during the Wednesday edition of “New Day,” in which he seemingly vowed to oppose the incoming Trump administration, while speaking to CNN political director David Chalian.

To point out that the mainly liberal mainstream media are actually at times inhospitable to President-elect Donald Trump in the course of his campaign for the presidency might possibly be nothing short of an understatement.

There were definitely expectations subsequent the election that the media might reflect on themselves and how they dealt with covering Trump, but if the phrases uttered by CNN anchor Chris Cuomo last week were any clue, we are in for a quite tumultuous journey over the next four years.

Based on Real Clear Politics, Cuomo basically proclaimed an open and ongoing vendetta towards Trump during the Wednesday edition of “New Day,” in which he apparently promised to oppose the inbound Trump administration, while engaging CNN political director David Chalian.

“I like that you described his campaign as a happening,” explained Cuomo. “I see it all proof of a very simple notion, the media cannot yield. This administration is going to demand constant fact-checking and opposition because otherwise, you don’t know which way it’s going to go from day to day. That’s just the fact.”

It is worth noticing that as Cuomo more or less proclaimed open war towards Trump’s administration by himself and his cohorts in the media, Chalian could be observed smiling and nodding in understanding.

While this in and of itself is certainly not the least bit shocking, it acts as yet another memory of the preposterous double standard liberals maintain when it comes to how they deal with Republican versus Democrat politicians and administrations.

Does anybody recall CNN proclaiming itself to be openly aggressive and in direct opposition to President Barack Obama’s administration? Of course not, due to the fact such a thing would never come about, no matter what we currently know Obama’s administration did while being granted a pass by the likes of Cuomo and CNN.

If anybody is wanting to know why Trump and his supporters – and even some folks diametrically opposed to Trump and his supporters – hold the liberal mainstream media in such low value, this is a prime illustration of why right here.


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