Julian Assange Is Alive! WikiLeaks Has Not Been Compromised! Check WikiLeaks Twitter!

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Wikileaks today launched a huge cache of documents from Germany’s intelligence agency, BND, purportedly exhibiting several alarming things. Among them: the U.S. was paying numerous tech companies to get accessibility to private communications, and unknowingly targeting U.S. people in spying is not a big deal.

You have got to read this:

Alex Jones and his Infowars website released an “emergency” message. The title: Emergency: Julian Assange Missing, Possibly Dead.

In the video, Alex Jones remarks that Assange “has disappeared for over a month; that is now confirmed.” He states that Assange questioned Wikileaks followers to come up with a dead-man’s switch in case something developed.

He then makes this affirmation:


Paul Watson got contacted on Monday by Wikileaks. He had not spoken about it to the public. I brought up Wikileaks to him and he said ‘well I’ve been contacted — Infowars has been contacted [by Wikileaks]…nothing for five days, we finally talked about it yesterday on the radio. The listeners — and credit goes to you — began to really hammer me, and say look at this — look, he gave an interview the day before the election…he’s not been seen since late October. I went ahead and spent hours and hours and hours with Buckley, one of our top researchers…now we see evidence of [Wikileaks] being infiltrated.

He eventually goes on to state: “the establishment…they don’t want you to know [Assange] is dead…then yesterday this comes out: ‘Wikileaks urges people to stop requesting Assange proof of life.'”

To Jones, this seems to suggest that Wikileaks has been penetrated by “the establishment.” Basically, Jones is convinced that Wikileaks’ about-face on Julian Assange’s proof-of-life request implies that the organization was penetrated.

Nevertheless, Wikileaks didn’t do an about-face on proof-of-life. Prior to the election, Wikileaks was worried about Assange’s life; nevertheless, the dead man’s switch that Jones detailed was never set off (you can find our reporting on that below), and at this point that the election is over, there truly isn’t anything the “establishment” can do regarding Assange.

Wikileaks’ latest calls to end requesting proof-of-life for Assange are as a result of a much more practical issue: Assange has not had accessibility to Internet in the Ecuadorian Embassy, and if he were to do a proof-of-life video without genuine live questions (via the Internet), that would just lead to more inquiries. It would also set a poor precedent.

Moreover, nevertheless: Assange was just interviewed today on Facebook Live. The interview, carried out by Lebanon-based TV anchor Youmna Naufal, was organized by the May Chidiac Foundation for their “Free Connected Minds” conference.

It’s unknown if this will fulfill Alex Jones, but this is rather reliable proof that Wikileaks, and Assange are alive and well.


Basically, during the launch of the documents, Wikileaks servers went down, leading some to question if there was some kind of hack (DDoS?) towards their network.

Wikileaks Doc: Accidentally Targeting US Person ‘Nothing To Worry About’

The NSA is evidently not too worried about inadvertently spying on U.S. people during their data collection/querying routines. In a sort-of-FAQ, the subsequent is mentioned:


With all querying, if you discover it actually is US, then it must be submitted and go in the OCG quarterly report…’but it’s nothing to worry about’

Another portion of the document about unregistered URIs states:


If there is no information to suggest it is a legitimate US used site, assume foreign…it must be submitted and go in the OCG quarterly report…’but it’s nothing to worry about’

Wikileaks Doc: NSA Paying Microsoft, Google, Etc. For Access To Private Info

While we realized from Edward Snowden and others that the NSA was working with these companies, these documents present the level to which they were taking part.

We have looked at machine-translated quotes from the documents launched and discovered these interesting tidbits:

Evidently, some of the discussions concerning building the cross-border spying operation happened during TITP (trade deal like TPP) conversations:


NSA / Prism regulations (So-called ad-hoc EU-US High levelexpert group on security And data protection), which shall take place parallel to the beginning of the first round of negotiations TTIP on July 8, 2013 in Washington D.C. A first meeting.

NSA payments to Google, Microsoft and Yahoo Small request 17t14302 – Watching the internet … that the NSA had made money payments to companies like Google, Facebook and Yahoo, so they could use their Internet services

The companies engaged comprise of:


A total of nine search engine operators (Google, Microsoft, etc.), social networks (Facebook, Google, etc.) and cloud providers (Apple etc.) Google, etc.) and cloud providers

Likewise involved is Akamai, a cloud company which provides data geographically.


You will receive the draft for a language regulation on NSA payments and the like. Google, Microsoft and Yahoo MdB for professional examination and supplementation until 10:30 am

An additional quote from the documents:


On the basis of excerpts from NSA documents… the NSA has paid money to companies like Google, Facebook and Yahoo In order to enable them to adapt their public services to the requirements of the Espionage


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