Khazarian Mafia Still Organizing Major False Flag Occurrences, Although Their Annihilation Is Unquestionable! – Benjamin Fulford: December 12, 2016

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                                                                                          Rothschild Khazarian Mafia


The Khazarian mafia is setting up impressive false flag terror operations between today and December 19th in a last minute endeavor to avert Donald Trump from becoming officially assigned as President of the United States, CIA sources state. Nevertheless, the military forces of Russia, China and the United States are all operating collectively currently to eliminate the remaining vestiges of Khazarian control so these initiatives will be no more than the finalized thrashes of a dying beast.

There is additionally a very serious cyber-warfare campaign under way, was executed to removing truth websites so that the Khazarian corporate media’s bogus world plot can be reasserted, the sources state. This is what is behind the ongoing effort to attempt to tag the current truth revolution and the election of Donald Trump as being carried out by “Russia.”

The current widely publicized Washington Post report that featured a catalog of so-called “fake news” sites mentioned information put together by US State Department and Obama administration fronts like Voice of America, the Atlantic Council and the National Endowment for Democracy.

The reality is the actual fake news outlets are propaganda organs like the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, BBC etc. These are the modes that still routinely record lies about 911, Iran, Saddam Hussein, ISIS, Russia etc. All of these lying corporate propaganda outlets will rapidly encounter a transformation in management and will be pressured to either report the truth or be shut down.

Both Asian secret society and Western agency sources state that a major purge is ongoing and that huge numbers of individuals are “disappearing” in Asia and in the West. The outward indication of this has been the domino fall of Khazarian mafia controlled governments.

Nevertheless, the Asian secret society sources point out that information supplied by the NSA declaring that Chinese President Xi Jinping reported to Evelyn de Rothschild was untrue. They state the Asians are already having a series of meetings where, among other things, it was determined that since Xi facilitates world peace, he will stay in power. Other world leaders, on the other hand, will continue to step down, the sources concur.

The most current domino to fall was South Korean President Park Geun Hye who was impeached a week ago. South Koreans were enraged to hear revelations from Wikileaks and other sources that Park took part in “Satanic rituals” and permitted Demonic spirits “complete control over her body and soul.”

There continues to be a strenuous campaign by the Khazarian mafia to reject any link to Satanism but more and more insiders are expressing it is very real. The photos of ritualistic cannibalism at an elite party run by Marina Ambramovic are a reflection of very authentic cannibalistic orgies that do take place, bloodline family sources claim.

A catalog of celebrities who went to this occasion can be viewed here:

“The truth is the ‘Elite’ wouldn’t be doing public ‘mocking’ cannibalistic Satanic rituals or ‘Galas’ if they were actually not being actively engaged in such sick and twisted disgusting practices,” a CIA source details.

A lot of information about these elite monsters will be coming out in the war crimes trials that are anticipated to begin in January, 2017, several sources concur.

A CIA source states that “Obama as the CEO of the Corporate United States, quietly joined………….

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