MSNBC Host Put On Blast For Reporting ‘FAKE NEWS’!

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Fred Maxwell for Western Journalism reports, One of the hottest topics in regards to the media the past few weeks has been the subject of “fake news.” The subject of fake news is usually alleged by people on the left in regards to a news story by a right-leaning media source. Of course, the left has plenty of examples of fake news to make fun of.

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle revealed Friday that the Fox News Network accumulated at President-elect Donald Trump’s newest hotel located in Washington, D.C. for its annual Christmas event.

Denying the claims, a spokesperson from Fox News stated the organization has not yet had its event. They also included the party was certainly not scheduled for the Trump hotel, but instead the Liaison Capitol Hill.

Ruhle’s commentary was made during a talk with Republican strategist Brad Todd and Democratic strategist Lis Smith, regarding the president-elect’s propensity to pay company bills with campaign funds.

Ruhle questioned if these habits will constitute a conflict of interest once Trump enters the White House.

Todd told Ruhle that, by law, Trump was expected to reimburse his company for expenses or face likely federal election law violations.

Ruhle agreed, but questioned if it was essential for Trump to stay only at Trump hotels and eat at only Trump restaurants.

Ruhle eventually supplied an apology for her flawed remarks regarding Fox News and the Trump hotel.

“This is some serious business that I need to share,” stated Ruhle. “I need to apologize to the audience. Earlier today in a segment I stated that the Fox network held their holiday party at Trump’s D.C. hotel. I was wrong. We’ve since learned that neither Fox network nor an affiliate held any party at Trump’s Washington hotel.

“I stand corrected. I apologize for the error. I am truly, truly sorry. The mistake entirely my fault. And of course, I wish all my friends over at Fox a very happy holiday no matter where you have your party.”

While Fox News will not be partying at the Trump International Hotel, the RNC has verified it projects to hold its Christmas event at the fairly recently launched luxury hotel.

Sources for the RNC state the event will be “a more exclusive and celebratory affair this year owing to the unexpected election victories enjoyed by the party this November.”

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