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They’re Doomed!!! Trump Squad Demands Details Of DOE Employees Working On Climate Change Hoax!

Written by JayWill7497

The Conservative Tribune reports, Progressives who worship at the altar of environmentalism are growing increasingly worried that President-elect Donald Trump, a known climate change skeptic, may undo much of the work they have done over the past eight years to advance their green agenda at the expense of the American economy. Perhaps adding fuel to those fears was a questionnaire circulated within the Department of Energy by Trump’s transition team, as reported recently by The New York Times.

Progressives who praise at the altar of environmentalism are growing more and more concerned that President-elect Donald Trump, a recognized climate change skeptic, could undo much of the work they have carried out over the past eight years to improve their green plan at the cost of the American economy.

Maybe introducing fuel to those fears was a questionnaire distributed within the Department of Energy by Trump’s transition team, as documented lately by The New York Times.

The 74-point questionnaire, which can be seen right here, appeared to reveal a significant shift in policy direction and a downsizing of the agency, with more of a aim on nuclear energy and a move toward the commercialization and privatization of scientific research initiatives in the energy field.

Enviro-statists who have wedded themselves to the “man-made climate change” wagon are particularly worried, as the questionnaire demands the names of employees and contractors who have taken part in international climate change scheme conferences and discussions, along with the documents and emails connected with those talks.

Though it is not at all uncommon for an incoming administration to research specific departments and agencies about the present policies in place, it is somewhat atypical to search out the identification of particular employees or contractors working on particular problems, which some think could indicate that something of a purge of the department of devoted climate change activist believers could be approaching.

“A lot of these questions make perfect sense,” stated Jonathan Levy, ex – deputy chief of staff of the DOE under President Obama. “They have to get their heads around what responsibilities they will have and don’t have. The thing that’s unsettling are the questions that appear to be targeting personnel for doing public service.”

It continued to be blurry at this time precisely how the DOE reacted to the questionnaire, or if other departments and agencies had got similar queries.

No matter what, this definitely appears like a first step toward draining the swamp, at least when it comes to energy production and the climate change adherents in Washington, D.C., who stand in the way of such a essential need.

Of course, any global warming design that fails to take into account the sun as the greatest source of heat, and doesn’t take into account variances in solar output heat loading on earth’s temperatures, has to be a HOAX… Why else would Al Gore, construct his mansions on ocean front property if he really thought they were going to be ruined? And we won’t even get into the smoking gun – the hacked emails mentioning that the climate data was fixed. The earth has gone through climate changes all through its history,, Quite honestly, I’d be more worried about the probability of Nibiru or Planet X (Wormwood in Revelations), apparently 4x the size of Jupiter, that may pass between the earth and the sun soon, than on probable earth changes from a global warming misnomer. Envision the earthquakes, volcanoes, and probable pole shifting that would occur from such a large planet. These things are already being witnessed in increasing frequency and magnitude.


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