Obama’s Birth Certificate Confirmed A Forgery, Fraudulently Manufactured Document, By Forensic Researchers On Two Continents – Can He Be Arrested? Media Dead Silent!

Written by JayWill7497

President Barack H. Obama’s birth certificate is actually confirmed to be a “forgery,” a fraudulently “fabricated document,” law enforcement officials and forensic investigators determined with high certainty after an extreme five year investigation.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and lead investigator Mike Zullo along with forensic professionals on two continents have determined that President Obama’s birth certificate is not genuine and are seeking to take the issue up with the federal government.

Investigators introduced proof during a press conference Thursday showing how, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that “nine points of forgery in which words, letters and hand-placed date stamps had been digitally copied and pasted” from an additional Hawaii State birth certificate to produce the fake photograph published on the official website.

Investigators point out that the first “five points of forgery were brought over in one group” from another birth certificate while the 4 remaining points were brought over separately to create the complex “forgery.”

Investigator Mike Zullo explained to the press, “We don’t know if he [Obama] is a natural born citizen or not” but stated the document stands on its own as an sophisticated forgery.

Utilizing forensic methods, both old and new, investigators in both the U.S. and Italy came to the same answer about the documents genuineness.

Zullo informed the press that his investigation was stymied early on when officials in Hawaii were hesitant to cooperate on several instances and even threatened him and others investigating the issue with arrest.

Sheriff Arpaio informed the press that his crew of professionals are holding out on additional and “more sensitive information” which he would not discuss about publicly at this time.

If taken through the appropriate channels and followed by congress and federal officials Barack Obama could be charged with treason, which maintains a penalty of ‘life in prison,’ at a future date.

Sheriff Arpiao plans on turning over the investigation to federal officials within the next month.

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