Winter Storm Decima: Forecast Breakdown Wild Weather Incoming! Deadly Arctic Air & Icing Invasion!

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Youtube uploader thornews reports “It’s cold then it’s hot then it’s sub-zero in some places. Get ready for a cold, mean December. And, no. Don’t drive on ice.”

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Winter Storm Decima’s Mess of Snow and Ice to Spread From the Rockies to the Midwest and East Into the Weekend

Winter Storm Decima – pronounced DEH-si-mah – is kicking into high gear and spreading its snowy, icy mess out of the Rockies into parts of the Plains, Midwest and East this final weekend before Christmas.

Below is the latest status and forecast information for Decima, followed by a recap of the storm so far.

Decima Latest Status and Forecast

Winter storm warnings stretch from the Sierra Nevada in California to the Rockies and parts of the upper Midwest, as far east as Michigan. Significant snow, potentially heavy snow, will make travel dangerous.

In the East, a potpourri of winter weather advisories, freezing rain advisories, and winter storm warnings have been issued.

Energy in a southward digging jet-stream dip will eventually spawn an area of surface low pressure in the Plains on Friday, which will track northeastward with time through the central and eastern states.

Moisture from that system will overlap with cold air to its north and from high pressure in the eastern states to make conditions ripe for the potential of snow, sleet and freezing rain in a large area.
Decima will expand its reach of significant snow from the northern Plains into the upper Midwest and Great Lakes.
Snow, heavy in spots, and increasing winds are expected in those areas. Blowing snow could create low visibility and dangerous travel conditions in the northern Plains.
Snow will also continue in the Rockies, Great Basin and southern Sierra, and could be heavy in spots.
As milder air overruns cold air near the surface of the earth, some freezing rain or sleet could develop in the central Plains.

Winter Storm Decima is moving thru the northern U.S., midwest, Ohio Valley, and northeast U.S. from 12-16 , 12-17, and 12-18, 2016. In this video, I give you my forecast breakdown along with a brief forecasting tutorial of winter precipitation types.

A quick update on the current track,intensity and areas effected by winterstorm Decima.

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