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Joan Rivers Spotted Alive Feb. 2015 At Clive Davis Party – In FBI Witness Protection! (Unedited Full Video)

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Joan Rivers passed away in September 2014 at the age of 81 after enduring a cardiac arrest following plastic surgery.

Her death came as a surprise to many, as in spite of her age, she seemed to be in decent health and was anything but a frail old lady.

The internet has long been awash with suspicion since that time and we at FLI think it’s our duty to verify or debunk the main theory.

The Theory

As we all understand, Joan Rivers’ piercing sense of humor was the stuff of legends.

She crossed the line on numerous occasions, which includes just two months before her untimely death when she made a public claim that President Obama is homosexual and that Michelle Obama is in truth a transsexual.

Conspiracy theorists were very swift to claim that she had made one enemy too many in the First Family and her that her life had been at an increased risk.

The coma and ‘death’ were simply a cover up, they claim, and Joan is in fact alive and well and in an FBI witness protection program.
The “Evidence”

Joan had had several plastic surgeries before and never encountered a issue until that last one, when her supposed death was triggered by a biopsy on her vocal chords-nothing to do with the surgery she had gone in for.

She was upbeat prior to allegedly slipping into a coma and had just done a comedy show just before the surgery. She was definitely not infirm.

Joan’s name was strangely left out of the ‘In Memoriam” list of names at the 2015 Oscars

Video footage has surfaced of ‘Joan’ with her good friend Clive Davis in February this year. There is a distinctive likeness between Joan and the woman in the video clip, but that likeness becomes uncanny when you listen to the lady speak.

Why would she require witness protection?

Here are a couple of pieces of proof aiding the claims around the Obama’s that Joan unwisely repeated-believe us when we claim there are many, many more.

Some body proportion differences between a man and a woman continue to be persistent, ie shoulder to waist ratio etc. With these constants we notice that Michelle Obama’s body is mathematically that of a dude, not a female.

In a speech on September 30, 2011 at the transition ceremony, Obama accidently called his wife “Michael” -see video below

For the speech that Michelle gave at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, she wore a clingy fabric aqua dress which exhibited every lump, bump and bulge. There have been numerous photographs which demonstrate a specific something at crotch level. Yes you could dispute that photographs can be photoshopped, but the screen grabs taken from the real video absolutely exhibit zero body fat around her belly (strange for a woman, let alone one who’s had two children) and a tugging / dipping around the crotch area.

Check out the un-doctored crotch area

Former Secret Service agent Paul Horner discloses in his tell-all book that he is 100% positive that President Obama is gay and that he saw a string of male late night visitors to the Presidential bedroom.

Kevin DuJan, a gossip columnist in Chicago during Obama’s years as a community organizer and an Illinois senator claims that the President was definitely engaged in the city’s gay bar and bathhouse scene and that it is “preposterous to the people I knew then to think Obama was going to keep his gay life secret”. Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen also verifies that Obama’s visits to local gay bars and bathhouses was “common knowledge” in the community.

Author, Dr Jerome Corsi indicates that Obama might have been married to a ex – roommate. He states, “Obama had all these roommate pictures [where he] seems to be sitting about on the guy’s lap” and he also says that BO was photographed wearing a wedding ring many years before his marriage to Michelle.

Enough proof for you? Watch again,

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