You’re Fired! Trump Just Deep-Sixed Romney Hard, The Reason Will Shock You!

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Johnathan Jones for Western Journalism reports, Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s refusal to walk back critical remarks he made about Donald Trump earlier this year might have cost him the country’s top diplomatic position, according to a report. President-elect Donald Trump picked Exxon Mobil chief executive Rex Tillerson to head the State Department Tuesday after reportedly mulling the decision for weeks.

As outlined by CNN, Romney was once a solid favorite to become secretary of state, in spite of harsh comments he made about Trump earlier this year during a speech recommending Republican voters to stay away from the billionaire New Yorker’s campaign rhetoric.

Romney, an unwavering so-called Never Trumper throughout the campaign, explained to a crowd in Utah on Mar. 3: “Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud … His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University. He’s playing members of the American public for suckers: He gets a free ride to the White House, and all we get is a lousy hat.”

The 2012 GOP nominee went on to point out that “dishonesty is Donald Trump’s hallmark,” and claimed that Trump’s campaign strategy was one of “bullying,” “greed,” and “misogyny.”

Despite the harsh statements, Trump apparently held a high opinion of Romney after their meetings and phone calls during the interview process, and the president-elect considered Romney could be the perfect fit to run the State Department, reported by CNN.

But the network documented Wednesday that Romney’s qualifications alone might not have been sufficient, as Trump and a number of his most influential allies needed an apology.

CNN documented: “Trump was willing to move past Romney’s bitter campaign-trail criticism of him. And incoming chief of staff Reince Priebus, who chaired the Republican National Committee during both men’s presidential campaigns, convinced Trump there was value in showing he was big enough to bring Romney into the fold.”

Three sources close to the situation explained to the network ex – Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway and ex – Trump campaign chair Steve Bannon considered Romney’s remarks as “unforgivable.”

So we now know what was happening behind the scene in Trump – Romney talks for department of state! Former Republican presidential nominee and Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has reportedly refused to apologize for his criticism of President-elect Donald Trump during the campaign, a move that possibly cost him the nomination for secretary of state.

WOW! So he refused?! Interesting, Trump is a real badass! No apology for insults, no position in the government!

CNN reported Wednesday that some within Trump’s inner circle, most notably Trump’s former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway and incoming White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon, did not support Trump naming Romney as the next secretary of state because of his comments about the president-elect on the campaign trail.

Calling Trump a “phony,” a “fraud” and just about everything in between, Romney was very outspoken in the “Never Trump” movement. But Romney softened his tone after Trump’s conciliatory victory speech in which he called for all Americans to come together.

And that was great move, we all should unite behind Trump, we need to work together for America! We have so much to do these days!
As the Trump transition went forward, Trump himself seemed more and more willing to let bygones be bygones and was even strongly considering making Romney part of his Cabinet. But others within Trump’s world saw things differently. Conway, Bannon and others wanted Romney to issue a public apology if he were to become secretary of state, CNN said.

Trump reportedly agreed, seeing the apology as a compromise after a bitter campaign battle. Romney would admit he we wrong about Trump and the nation’s top diplomat. But Romney, who wrote a book in 2010 titled “No Apology,” refused to say “sorry,” even though Vice President-elect Mike Pence and incoming White House chief of staff Reince Priebus reportedly thought Romney should apologize publicly.



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