Moscow Strikes! Russia Has Probably Been Set Up And That There’s Little Evidence Of Direct State Involvement!

Written by JayWill7497

A senior CIA source conveys to me ‘with a high level of certainty that Russia’s Vladimir Putin was accountable for Pearl Harbor, the Korean War, Vietnam and Iraq. This degenerate was likewise powering 9/11 and ring around the collar.

Not since Dr. Fu Manchu have we noticed such a spectacular genius bent on destroying the West. Vlad the Bad is so vicious that he’s managed to rig America’s voting machines and most likely the Super Bowl.

Observing the mounting Red Hysteria in the U.S. is strange and entertaining. But most enjoyable is the media rage saying that the Kremlin has ‘meddled’ in U.S. elections. Or even threw the vote to Manchurian Candidate, Donald Trump. If there was any foreign meddling, it came from a Mideast ally, certainly not Russia.

All very idiotic.

My response: even if legitimate (and I don’t trust it), so what? Is great power meddling something unique? That’s what great powers do.

The U.S. is barely in a status to play the outraged virgin. Beginning in 1946, the U.S. and the Vatican backed up Italy’s right-wing Christian Democratic Party, assisting it to win three national elections versus the Left even though it was hefty with ex – fascists and Sicilian bandits.

Washington structured the overthrow of Syria’s government in 1949. In 1953, the U.S. and Britain ploted to overthrow Iran’s popular democratic government. In 1954, the U.S. overthrew the government of Guatemala. There accompanied by intervention in Lebanon in 1958. Three years afterwards came the well known Bay of Pigs invasion and over fifty tries to assassinate Fidel Castro.

In 1965, the U.S. invaded the Dominican Republic and overthrew its leadership. 1973 brought the U.S.-backed coup in opposition to Chile’s Marxist government. Nicaragua’s leftists were subsequent on Washington’s hit list. There was obscured intervention in Haiti, then a bombing and sabotage campaign in Baghdad, Iraq. A failed effort to overthrow Iran’s elected government and more machinations in Syria and Libya, accompanied by outright invasions.

There are numerous more to point out: Bolivia, Brazil, Congo, Turkey, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Russia under Yeltsin, Ukraine’s ‘Orange’ Revolution, Georgia, and the overthrow of Ukraine’s elected pro-Russian government. And currently, needless to say, Syria.

Leadership change has grown to be as American as apple pie.

The U.S. might even have attempted to overthrow France’s president, Charles de Gaulle. Recently, the U.S. assisted to put Egypt’s bloody dictator in power, overthrowing the democratic government in the process and tapped the telephone of close ally, German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

In the history, Soviet intelligence was really excellent at intrigue, professional spycraft and periodic ‘wet affairs.’ But the Soviets never measured up in sheer volume of meddling and regime change to the powerful U.S. – and still don’t.

As a seasoned intelligence watcher for the past three years, I believe statements by U.S. Democrats that they lost the election because of Russian machinations are total BS. One suspects all the noise and bogus rage over Clinton’s loss could herald an effort to oust the Trump government by underhanded legal means (‘lawfare’) and popular demos. Why not? They run them all the time in the Mideast and Russia.

The Dems lost due to the fact they ran a terrible, infected woman who was hated, and mistrusted by quite a few. They attempted to hide the shameful truth that the Democratic Party rigged the nomination to leave out an honest candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders. This was the scandal, not baloney about voting machine voodoo and red scares.

Statements by senior US intelligence officials that Moscow rigged the U.S. elections demonstrate two things: first of all, if legitimate, they were asleep on guard duty; secondly, that they have become shockingly politicized. Their job was to notify the White House, not produce conspiracy theories.
Some of them were proven to be frighteningly extreme, crazily anti-Russian, and probable agents of our deep government.

We need calm, seasoned professionals to run our intelligence, not wild-eyed ideologues bent on war versus Russia. America was headed that way under Obama and Hillary Clinton. If Russia came to this realization, it was logical for them to attempt to sway the outcome of the election – if they actually did.

The artifice that Hillary Clinton was defeated by the godless Red spymasters are as believable as ‘the dog ate my homework.’ And here I believed my fellow Americans were a bit more grown up than this.

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