Donald Trump Just Set A Match To Michelle Obama In Public for Whining! (VIDEO)

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I am still cackling over Michelle Obama stating America has no hope seeing that Barack Obama is no longer President and (holy crap!) Donald Trump is. Americans have a lot more hope today than in the last eight years and we at long last can believe again that happy times are back in the good ole USA. Obama was like a dark cloud that was covering us with Marxism. Trump is going to provide jobs and industry back to the country. The military is going to be reworked and toughened as it should be into the most potent fighting force in the world. Our borders will be secured and Americans will be safe once more. Here’s an idea Mooch… that is what real hope looks like.

She just will not stand that Trump is going to reverse every little thing Obama has exposed us to for so long. Mooch has got to be truly angry. Too bad… as they talked about over and over and over again… elections have outcomes and as of today, Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States. Brace yourselves for the moaning and groaning from liberals on both coasts. They are giving all the devils in hell a run for their bucks. Rebellions are without a doubt created on hope.

Props go out to Louder with Crowder:


We told you yesterday about Michelle Obama (see Smug Michelle Obama Tries Slamming Trump) claiming the election is what it feels like to have no hope. Surprisingly, Donald Trump had a comment about it…

“Michelle Obama said yesterday that there is no hope. I assume she was talking about the past, not the future. Because I’m telling you, we have tremendous hope. And we have tremendous promise and tremendous potential. We are going to be so successful as a country again. We are going to be amazing.”

When I first heard that Donald Trump responded to Michelle Obama, I got a little nervous because…it was Donald Trump responding. But he was subdued and took the high road. I would have just made my response simpler…

hope gif

It’s topical, and would have annoyed the hell out of the leftists screenwriters which is a bonus. Spoiler alert: Rogue One is about the Death Star. I know, I know. What Star Wars movie isn’t in some way about a version of a Death Star? It’s a fair question, but let’s not get bogged down with bantha fodder. We’re here to talk about how Donald Trump delivered a sick burn.

I have been suffering forever of the preaching from Michelle Obama on anything from American values to school lunches. She’s a condescending, radical, blowhard shrew who annoys people to no end. And her wardrobe by itself is a transgression against nature. She will not be missed and she will most likely go down as the tackiest First Lady in American history. She won that award without doubt, even with those arms.

And let me just point out, that if America loses hope the minute Obama is no longer in charge, what does that tell you about his legacy? Furthermore, he’s still in office… doesn’t that reflect on him? The majority of America believes that trading in ‘hope and change’ for ‘make America great again’ is a far better choice. It takes one sentence from Trump to get rid of a whining, gloom and doom Michelle Obama. Maybe she can take her shtick on the road… but please do it anywhere but right here. Real hope in America is declaring adios to the Obamas for good.


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