‘GERMANY AT WAR’: Berlin On Red Alert For Additional Attacks As Law Enforcement Hunt Armed ISIS Gunman!

Written by JayWill7497

Immediately after a supposed Islamic terrorist killed at least 12 individuals in Berlin, Germany on Monday, the whole world is on alert for other possible terrorist attacks. Germany, specifically, is in fear, particularly after the latest statement from law enforcement. They were pressured to acknowledge that they have no notion where the terrorist is, and they think that he is armed, and could most likely devote more terrorist attacks.

The terrorist was initially thought to be Naved B, a Pakistani asylum hunter. The driver of the lorry plowed through the Berlin Christmas market at 40mph, deliberately steering at crowds, which includes children. On top of that 12 individuals who have died, over 50 individuals are claimed injured. It’s considered that the lorry was hijacked, and the original driver, Lukasz Urban, was murdered.

Naved B came into the country under a phony name, and had a criminal record. But 12 hours after declaring him a suspect, law enforcement ruled him out, and declared that the true terrorist was still on the loose. Prosecutor Holger Münch cautioned that there could still be more terrorist attacks forthcoming, with Berlin Police Chief Klaus Kandt begged for added vigilance as the “dangerous criminal” was still out there. A senior police officer informed die Welt newspaper, “We have the wrong man. The true perpetrator is still armed, at large and can cause further damage.”

It’s thought that the terrorist attack could be the final nail in the coffin for Angela Merkel, who is in search of an unprecedented fourth term as chancellor. Merkel is accountable for the flood of Islamic refugees into the country, and has strategies to permit more to go into Germany in 2017. Unfortunately, crime has been skyrocketing, with sexual assault and rape specifically on the rise. Merkel left white roses at the site of the attack, and gave a press conference in the process. “We will find the strength to continue living life as we want to live it in Germany – in freedom, openness and together,” she stated. “It is a terrible deed which one cannot understand. It took their lives; many people are injured, are fighting for their lives and fighting for their health, and in these hours I first and foremost think of these people – the dead, the injured, their families, their friends, their relatives. I would like you to know that we – all of us, the whole of the country – are with you in deep sadness.”

She also swore to give a punishment to the perpetrator under the full magnitude of the law. But it might not be enough to save her from the rage of the German folks over her irresponsible decision to permit over one million refugees to get into the country unvetted.

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