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Syria: Jubilant Syrians Gather For Christmas Celebration In West Aleppo!

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Hundreds of residents gathered at Al Azizieh Square in western Aleppo on Tuesday, to watch the Christmas tree lights being turned on, in an attempt to establish some sense of normality in a city that has been a focal point of the Syrian conflict.

An crucial task of the Syrian government is to liberate a number of pockets near Damascus and Homs, what will permit freeing forces and means for active military operations across the country. The area of Palmyra will likewise be a high concern because its fall to ISIS is a significant PR blow to Syria and Russia.

As a result, the active phase of military operation in the western and southwestern parts of Aleppo province and an advance in the direction of Idlib can be presented in about 4 months.

The level of achievement of the Syria-Iran-Rusisa-Turkey cooperation will additionally play an essential purpose in the likely scenario of the crisis. It’s significant to observe that the Russian Ambassador to Turkey was killed in Ankara a day before an vital meeting of the defense and foreign ministers of Russia, Iran and Turkey committed to the Syrian settlement. This obviously exhibits that some powers are not interested in the development of relations of these countries and see this as a major threat to their pursuits in the Middle East.

The foreign ministers of Russia, Turkey and Iran voiced their joint commitment to the diplomatic settlement of the Syrian conflict during a joint press conference in Moscow on Tuesday.

SOT, Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister (Russian): “We have a common opinion consisting of the fact that it is necessary to fully respect the sovereignty, the territorial integrity, and the unity of Syria. Our common opinion is that there is no way for the armed resolving of the Syrian crisis. We stand for the fact that there is no alternative to the political and diplomatic settlement of this conflict.”

SOT, Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister (Russian): “We agreed, in a joint statement of the Foreign Ministers of the Islamic Republic of Iran, of the Russian Federation and of the Turkish Republic on the coordinated measures aimed at the revival of the political process to stop the Syrian conflict.”

¤SOT, Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Minister (Russian): “Iran, Russia and Turkey are sure that there is no military solution to the Syrian conflict. They recognise the important role of the UN in solution to the crisis in accordance with the UN Security Council resolution 2254. The ministers also take into account the decision of the International Syria Support Group. They urge all the members of the international community to partake in honest cooperation in the interest of eliminating obstacles in order to implement agreements which are contained in the documents mentioned above. Iran, Russia and Turkey welcome the joint efforts in East Aleppo which allows the conduction of the voluntary evacuation of civilians and the organised exit of armed opposition.”

SOT, Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iranian Foreign Minister (Farsi): “We are sure that the solution to the situation in Syria should involve serious international cooperation, as well as a fight against terrorism and also the cessation of violence, bloodshed and the delivery of humanitarian aid to all the Syrian people.”

SOT, Mevlut Cavusoglu, Turkish Foreign Minister (Turkish): “Today in our joint statement we stressed the role of UN on this issue and referred to the resolution 2254 of UN Security Council. But additional efforts are always welcomed in order to solve this issue. Now it is important to sincerely realise all the agreements which we have achieved. If we do this, as we said, we will be able to progress in solution of the Syrian crisis.”

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