Mexico Tultepec Fireworks Market Explosion, At Least 72 Injured! (Stunning Video)

Written by JayWill7497

In what seemed like a scene from a war flick, a huge explosion ripped through Mexico’s well known fireworks market on the northern section of the capital, leaving in its wake at least 29 folks dead and 72 injured, which includes 3 minors.

The blast went off around 2:50 pm Tuesday, devastating the open-air San Pablito Market in Tultepec, which kept about 300 stalls where vendors were retailing fireworks.

A cell phone shot the scene of the explosion, featuring a immense plume of smoke billowing in the sky with fireworks going off and exploding all around. The explosions continued to go off for more than an hour after the first round of explosions. Rescuers were powerless to enter the market until all the rounds of fireworks had gone off.

Many of the wounded suffer from burns covering up to 90 per cent of their bodies. Others have similar injuries as well. Although officials and civilians have both been spotted carrying away at least one of the injured while fireworks were still going off in the background.

The governor of the State Of Mexico explained to CNN Español that 29 people were wiped out in the incident, which includes three who died after being taken to the hospital, also that 72 in total had been hurt.

Three of the wounded are minors are being sent to Texas to get top care for their severe burns. The discharge could be heard and observed from miles away, some witnesses state. It wasn’t promptly clear what had started the blast. The flames have since been put out as of Tuesday evening.

Photographs taken after the blast demonstrate market stalls reduced to charred remains, with most of the market blown to smithereens. Rescuers and helpers have been searching through the piles of rubble, hoping to salvage property, and lives.

Back in 2005, a fire engulfed the exact same market, setting off a chain of explosions that demolished hundreds of stalls, as it did this week.

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