Armageddon In 2017: Ancient Harbinger Forecasts Turmoil That Will Bring ‘THE END OF THE WORLD’!

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ALETHA ADU for the Express reports, A CALAMITOUS conflict in 2017 will create “the End of The World” according to an ancient ritual using the blood of an Italian patron saint. Italy’s Catholic Church perform a global miracle three times a year which declares the safety of the world, using San Gennaro’s blood, the patron Saint of Naples known globally as Saint Janarius. In January and September, the religious leaders were able to successfully liquefy San Gennaro’s blood during the holy ceremonies.

A DISASTROUS engagement in 2017 will produce “the End of The World” based on an ancient ritual utilizing the blood of an Italian patron saint

Italy’s Catholic Church carry out a global miracle three times a year which expresses the safety of the world, utilizing San Gennaro’s blood, the patron Saint of Naples recognized worldwide as Saint Janarius.

In January and September, the religious leaders were equipped to properly liquefy San Gennaro’s blood at the time of the holy ceremonies.

Inside the Naples Chapel, the archbishop secures the golden-glass capsule high containing the 700-year-old blood of the dead saint, as it gently liquefies itself in front of devout Catholics.

Despite the fact that it can sometimes take some time, last Friday it did not happen in Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe’s hands, leading religious leaders to fear the worst.

Each year the miracle does not come about, global wars and disasters happen, but so far, the world has been able to escape total destruction.

But 2017 could really mark the year of armageddon after months of political chaos.

Fearing the worst, Monsignor Vincenzo De Gregorio, the abbot of the chapel advised folks to pray.

He stated: “We must not think about disasters and calamities. We are men of faith, and we must continue to pray.”

Years the miracle failed include September 1939 and 1940 wherein World War II began and Italy engaged themselves in the war.

September 1943, a year whereby the Nazi’s occupied Italy in addition to September 1973, a year when a disastrous bout of cholera held Naples

The last time it took place was September 1980 which witnessed an earthquake reaching 6.9 magnitude left at least 2,483 people dead, at least 770 injured and 250,000 homeless.

Records from past centuries demonstrate plagues, natural disasters and empiric wars happening.

Based on legends, San Gennaro’s blood was collected by a woman called Eusabia subsequent his death.

Following a violent eruption from Mount Vesuvius on December 16, the saint is stated to have halted lava entering the city.


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