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Rodrigo Duterte Has Some Poker-Faced Words For NWO Agents And Satanists: You All “Can Go To Hell”!

Written by JayWill7497

Duterte: “Instead of helping us, the first to hit was the State Department.” Well, he added, these people “can go to hell.”

“My country is in deep s*it with drugs,” explained Duterte at the time of a short interview on an airplane with a journalist. “What do you want me to do? Just sit by and do nothing?”

Duterte is recognized for his expletives-laden pronouncements in opposition to the U.S. and the New World Order agents. He is not a charming politician. He is hard-core, and he has no filter. He appears to believe that charming politicians want to please everybody, which indicates that they will do nothing about serious problems.

Duterte wants to separate himself from those individuals. He wants to make a difference. And he aims to save the Philippines from the incubus of drugs and the criminal underworld. He wants to make Manila and other locations in the Philippines safe again. He is well knowledgeable that human trafficking and drugs have been a significant issue in the Philippines for more than a decade.

Trafficking underaged girls to work in brothels has also been a issue. The corruption was so high that even law enforcement officers were accomplices. By 2007, it was believed that there were likely

“100,000 Philippine children involved in the local sex trade. Others are forced into domestic work or mining or sugar plantations, or shipped abroad. They are victims of a trafficking empire that has become one of the world’s most lucrative criminal industries.”

The criminal underground operates deep in the Philippines, and the underaged girls (and babies as young as ten years old) in brothels are mainly the victims:

“Some had managed to run away, a few had been rescued by the police. I met one girl who was 11. And another 14-year-old who believed she had been hired as a waitress, but ended up being raped by a Korean tourist who had paid for sex with a virgin. The victims hardly ever press charges. They are either too scared, or they have been paid off, or both.”

There were around 200 brothers in Angeles City in the Philippines in 1997, and practically all of them “offer children for sex.” One woman revealed in 2010:

“I started working as a prostitute in Fields Avenue when I was 15. I needed the money to support my baby, as I was already so poor.

“But after awhile the bar’s ‘mamasan’ (the name given to a woman who oversees work in businesses such as brothels and bars) said I should go to Malaysia to work, where I could make a lot more money.

“First I was made to take drugs. Then I was made to service as many as 20 men a day. If I refused they threatened to put me in jail without food.”

Clearly this is an epidemic problem which requires extreme and swift answers. Duterte’s war is a response to this moral disease. And NWO agents mainly caused the issue by spreading drugs practically all over the world.

Duterte calls NWO agents “sons of b*tches” and “hypocrites,” and he has fairly recently made it very obvious that if America proceeds to follow by double standards and inconsistency, then the Philippines will certainly quit looking for diplomatic solutions with the US. He stated last Saturday that the Philippines no longer requires America’s money.

Duterte states he and Donald Trump has something in common. “I like your mouth,” he told Trump. “It’s like mine. Yes, Mr. president, we’re similar. And you know, people with the same feather flock together.”

How do NWO agents and the UN react to the moral disease in the Philippines? Duterte is a war criminal, they say ad nauseam.

Needless to say, one can criticize his technique and maybe he is wrong. But what do NWO agents offer in return? And what has the UN done to end drug traffickers in the Philippines for the past five years or so?

Nada! Rien! Nothing! Duterte stated long before he got elected:

“I am presenting myself as a candidate for the presidency. You have seen me in public, how I behave and you have heard my blunders of words and you know, we have our faults.

“I have many in my life. But one thing I can assure you as I have done before, and which I am up to, I said, if you just listen to my curses and my, you know, bad words, look at my back, so you’ll see there the Filipino on bended knees, hungry and [I am] very mad at this country for doing nothing.”

All NWO agents have stated to date is that Duterte must be disciplined for his crime against humanity and that drug traffickers are just “alleged drug addicts and sellers.” No serious organization has reached out to him and stated, “Hey, in order to deter crimes in your country, we’re going to help you with the drug problem. We’re going to tell the C.I.A. to stop spreading drugs around the world.”

The central query is this: What about thousands upon thousands of infractions that have been committed in the Philippines because of drugs and human trafficking? If Duterte is to be looked into for murder, who’s going to check out the drug traffickers and the pimps, who are currently roaming the streets of Manila? Nah, those are ridiculous questions, NWO agents appear to state.

Duterte in fact raised those same concerns while in an interview with two journalists. “There is no law in my country which says I cannot threaten criminals,” Duterte stated. “We have three million drug addicts. If we do not interdict this problem, then the next generation will have a serious problem….There is nothing wrong in trying to preserve the interest of the next generation. The three million addicts are not the residents of one area. They spread all over the country.”

Duterte mentioned elsewhere, “Instead of helping us, the first to hit was the State Department.” Well, he added, these people “can go to hell.”

Clearly NWO agents cannot respond to those concerns rationally because they were and still are involved in drug trafficking essentially all over the world, including Asian countries.

By the way, if Duterte is truly the man who deserves to be prosecuted for war crimes, why is it that the substantial most of Filipinos assist his war on drugs? This is even admitted, maybe unintentionally, by the New York Times. Will NWO agents prosecute the huge majority of Filipinos as well?

The truth is, NWO agents constantly avoid the real problems and focus on unimportant or minor or secondary concerns. They always strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.

Just take a glimpse at what’s going on in Syria and see how they have solely and globally blamed Assad and Russia for civilian deaths in the country. In their subterranean minds, assisting terrorist cells such as the Syrian rebels could never be a issue at all.

It got so bad last year that the US State Department accused that “More than 90%’ of Russian airstrikes in Syria have not targeted Isis”! Or in other words, Russia was intentionally slaughtering civilians. If that is not the zenith of ignorance, then nothing is.

But when real crimes materialize to take place, the international community continues to remain hushed. Look at how they don’t even inquire for a major investigation on the death of Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov. The truth is, NWO agents are partying because Karlov was assassinated.

Yet in spite of their political manipulation, NWO agents cannot prevent Russia from rising. Why?

Clearly, individuals are waking up. Folks are now stating that the New World Order ideology is not worth a s*it. This is one reason why NWO agents are currently attacking “fake news.”

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