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Over 5,000 U.S. Troops Deployed At Frontlines In Operation Inherent Resolve – MOSUL!

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Over 5,000 U.S. servicemen, deployed in Iraq, are embedding with other coalition fighters on the frontlines.

Over 5,000 U.S. servicemen, deployed in Iraq, are embedding with other coalition fighters on the frontlines, where the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group has long been taking control of key cities like Mosul, the RT news channel noted, citing U.S. military officials.

“We have always had opportunities to work side-by-side, but we have never been embedded to this degree,” the Reuters news agency quoted the words of U.S. Army Colonel Brett G. Sylvia.

As of August 2016, the coalition forces consist of over 25 nations, who are taking part in Operation Inherent Resolve, but the primary part of the troops still come from the U.S.. Collectively these nations have been attacking the IS in Iraq and neighboring Syria since 2014.

“It’s a team effort,” Marine Captain Lou Murillo, who has been on the ground in Iraq, explained to reporters of the National Public Radio (NPR). “If we have intelligence, we’ll talk with them and make sure that we are both included on the approval process for it. And then we will send a request up to our higher headquarters, and they process the targets from there.”

The coalition troops have been relocated to Mosul, where, based on reports of the Human Rights Watch non-governmental organization, terrorists are actually “indiscriminately or deliberately killing and wounding people for refusing to be human shields.”

More troops have been deployed by the U.S. Armed Forces in an effort to support the Iraqi security forces (ISF), purportedly only for “training, advising, and assisting” them.

Along with American troops, several thousand members of the Iraqi federal police have been dispatched from the southern outskirts to the eastern front in an effort to reinforce it. Together, the coalition is the largest force in Iraq since the initial US invasion of Iraq in 2003.

When U.S. Army Colonel Steve Warren was questioned whether the U.S. troops in Iraq are engaging in combat with the coalition forces, he responded that they are only there to “simply shoot back if somebody shoots at them. They won’t kind of go off and conduct any type of mission on their own.”

Nevertheless, based on the Pentagon, during Operation Inherent Resolve, aimed in opposition to the IS, the U.S. has carried out 13,058 strikes, which includes 7,248 in Iraq and 5,810 in Syria, while 3,748 strikes, which includes 3,430 in Iraq and 318 in Syria, were carried out by the rest of the coalition forces.

On the other hand, Defense Secretary Ash Carter also indicated that the prospect of sending even more troops to Iraq appears probabl, even if the IS is defeated.


“We’ll need to continue to counter foreign fighters trying to escape and ISIL’s attempts to relocate or reinvent itself. To do so, not only the United States, but our coalition must endure and remain engaged militarily,” Carter informed the Fox News TV-channel.


In April of this year, U.S. President Barack Obama explained to reporters that he anticipated Mosul to fall by the end of the year.


“My expectation is that by the end of the year, we will have created the conditions whereby Mosul will eventually fall,” Obama stated to CBS News.


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