Superior Fog: Enormous Misty Wall Covers Biggest Of Great Lakes (VIDEO)

Written by JayWill7497

In a rare atmospheric phenomenon, an massive wall of icy fog has been recorded billowing over Lake Superior in Minnesota.

The fog was recorded by local photographer Levi Drevlow on December 18, and it appears like something out of a disaster film, dwarfing a freighter in the port of Duluth as it fearlessly steers straight in the direction of the snowy fog bank.

While scary-looking, the cloud is in fact quite natural, the result of a quick temperature drop to -18 Celsius (about -0.4 Fahrenheit). The difference between cold air and warm water is what sent the dense vapor hundreds of feet upwards above the biggest of North America’s Great Lakes.

The fog itself is innocuous (apart from covering sailors in hoarfrost head to toe). It is, nevertheless, a harbinger of more dire weather.

Based on meteorologists, Minnesota and neighboring states are in for extreme blizzards on Christmas Day. Heavy snowstorms, thunderstorms and periods of freezing rain will hamper travel along interstate highways and might cause aerial delays. Power outages are also anticipated.

Apart from Minnesota, the severe weather on Saturday and Sunday is anticipated to hit Montana, Wyoming, both Dakotas, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Illinois.


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