Why This False Flag in Turkey Happened!

Written by JayWill7497

Regardless of the many times it’s been talked about, in addition to the undeniable documentation, many Americans carry on and have a hard time acknowledging the concept of a false flag. That lack of validation is rooted mainly in the unwillingness to believe that one’s political leaders could do such a thing, however it has been recorded throughout U.S. history, and the world’s.

As the account behind the recent shooting in Turkey continues to unfold, it becomes significantly obvious that this was very likely a false flag with countless over-arching connections and implications. Both the Russian and Turkish presidents have given statements that point a clear finger at an outside enterprise trying to produce divide between the two. With the latest meetings between Russia and Turkey, in addition to the peace talks in Syria, it does not take much to conclude which country has the most to lose with both better Russian-Turkish relations and the end of the ISIS war in Syria. The video below by Truthstream Media clarifies why this shooting was without a doubt a false flag, and the many causes it might have happened.

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