FBI/DHS Fear-Mongering Facilitates Nonexistent ISIS Threat Conspiracy Theory To America!

Written by JayWill7497

Phony statements duplicated enough get most folks to believe them, regardless of how implausible.

Here is the newest. A joint FBI/DHS alert warned about a phony ISIS threat to America, stating:

The alert “is intended to provide information on the potential for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) US-based sympathizers to carry out attacks on law enforcement and government personnel.”

“This bulletin “is intended to support the activities of FBI and DHS to assist federal, state and local government counterterrorism and law enforcement officials, first responders, and private sector security partners in effectively deterring, preventing, preempting, or responding to terrorist attacks against the United States.”

“We assess many of the recent calls by ISIL and its supporters on violent extremist web forums and social media for violence in the Homeland are being made in retaliation for ongoing US airstrikes in Iraq and Syria.”

“These calls could motivate homegrown violent extremists…to conduct Homeland attacks, particularly against law enforcement personnel.”

The FBI and DHS disclose obtaining “no information indicating” a planned homeland attack. Yet they’re hyping a nonexistent threat at any rate. Fake news fear-mongering is what it’s all related to.

Fact: Possibilities for a terrorist attack by ISIS, its sympathizers or any other terrorist group in America is almost zero.

Fact: Washington produced and helps these organizations. They rely on what’s supplied. Why would they bite the hand feeding it?

Fact: Discount the threat as complete rubbish.

Fact: Many so-called terrorist attacks on U.S. cities in memory were state-sponsored false flags – 9/11 the star of them all.

Fact: Any future attacks will be by dark forces infesting Washington – not ISIS, not any other terrorist group, not any set up innocent patsy or patsies blamed.

The latest FBI/DHS fear-mongering stunt is a scam – perhaps ahead of whatever state-sponsored terrorism neocon lunatics in Washington have in mind.

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