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The Elite Are Provoking China To Escalate The Chances Of A Conflict!

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X22Report reports: Most Germans was increased surveillance after the Christmas market event, or is it so the German government can pass additional laws.US Government / Elite are pushing and provoking China into a conflict with the US. Putin in backing the General Haftar in Libya, Unity Government is out. The TU-94 black box has not yet be recovered but the Russian government is ruling out terrorism. The alleged German market place truck attacker left his id in the truck, following the false flag plan to a ‘T’.

China is not scared of fighting a war with the US in the South China Sea, a newspaper with close connections to the government stated on Wednesday, after Washington dispatched a warship close to artificial islands constructed by Beijing.

The livid reaction from official media erupted as the US promised to send more vessels to the region after the USS Lassen guided missile destroyer sailed within 12 nautical miles of at least one of the problematic land formations.

The move resulted in an angry rebuke from Beijing, which summoned the US ambassador and denounced the move as an “illegal” risk to its sovereignty.

“In face of the US harassment, Beijing should deal with Washington tactfully and prepare for the worst,” the fiercely nationalist Global Times mentioned in its editorial.

“This can convince the White House that China, despite its unwillingness, is not afraid to fight a war with the US in the region, and is determined to safeguard its national interests and dignity.”

The newspaper did, nevertheless, call for discipline as it kept to a common theme across Chinese media that Beijing occupies the moral high ground in not being triggered by the activities of the US.

“The Pentagon is obviously provoking China. It is time to test the wisdom and determination of the Chinese people,” the newspaper said. “We should stay calm. If we feel disgraced and utter some furious words, it will only make the US achieve its goal of irritating us.”

The China Daily explained the US was “making trouble out of nothing” and charged Washington of double standards in accusing China of militarising the South China Sea.

“The US warship displays exactly who is the real hand pushing the militarisation of the South China Sea,” its editorial explained.

The People’s Liberation Army Daily, the official newspaper of the army, claimed the US was intending to sow discord in the area, as it had accomplished in the Middle East.

“The US claims time and time again that they will take responsibly for its allies,” stated the front-page editorial under the headline: “Who cannot stand a tranquil South China Sea?”

“However, its actions … worsen the regional security environment and damage regional and national interests, exposing its unreasonable, overbearing and rude side.”

In spite of the media rage, the Chinese government’s reaction has been restricted to strongly-worded statements instead of any firm action in the South China Sea.

Beijing’s unwillingness to deal with the US with force has been a source of aggravation for countless on China’s social media networks.

“They walked around our house, and all we could do was shout through the window,” one netizen grumbled on Sina Weibo, China’s variant of Twitter.

“It is a joke that we can only try to stop the US from harming Chinese sovereignty in the South China Sea only with a warning,” some other stated.

An additional angry web-user published a message addressed to the US Embassy in Beijing which called on Washington to “Get out of the South China Sea!”.

“You messed up in Iraq and Syria,” the write-up stated, “Now what do you want to do in our waters? Do you want to be the one who stirs up the third world war?”

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