Why Will Not The Mainstream Media State Hillary’s Ill-Health Was “Fake News”?!

Written by JayWill7497

Why are not major mainstream media today highlighting Hillary’s ill-health as a “vicious fake news item” that was propagated around by many websites, which includes the loathsome and ever-popular “Smudge Report”, Drudge, throughout the presidential campaign?

Undoubtedly, it had to be one of the most noxious statements that made it simpler for Trump to defeat her. Who desires a president in the White House who can not walk upright, who falls down, who requires to be assisted up stairs, who has to take time off to rest, who has a physically damaged brain, whose judgment is suspicious, whose very life is teetering on the edge.

Those charges were super-viral messages that journeyed around the globe on the Web thousands of times, crammed with photographs.

Fence-sitting voters, confronted with one piece after another about Hillary’s declining health, could effortlessly have chosen Jill Stein or Gary Johnson, or remained home on Election Day. Some of them could even have cast a vote for Trump.

Examine the latest mainstream reports about “fake news” torpedoing Hillary’s bid for the presidency, and attempt to discover one that highlights, front and center, the accusation of ill health as a awful piece of gossip that genuinely sank her boat.

***You mean to tell me not one reporter currently remembers how important that charge was at the time? All these razor-sharp journalists have discerning amnesia on the very same subject?

How simple.

Or perhaps…Hillary’s wellness problem is being intentionally expatriated from allowed talking points today.

In the echo chamber of bouncing reports that makes up the fake opinion generated by big media, that item is not allowed.

Russia did it? Putin cost Hillary the election? James Comey cost her the election? Julian Assange cost her the election? Fake news on the whole did her in? Very good. No issue. Those things are on the list of talking points.

But perilous health? Front and center? Absolutely no. That is out of bounds.

How come?

Due to the fact bringing it up today would re-open the door to all sorts of influential medical opinion and other checks from some quite intelligent folks. And that viewpoint would be: yes, she is in ill-health. And on those grounds solely, it’s a lucky thing she did not win the election.

The bogus account about the Russia-hack keeps on moving these days, in spite of a lack of proof; it’s a dead man walking. There is very little to keep it alive, apart from the media’s determination to push it like cow manure over a wide area.

But the account that has proof to back it up, the most hazardous account about Hillary-her health-is MIA. How fascinating.

Here’s a discussion between a reporter and his editor that would certainly not take place, because both individuals comprehend the rules of the game and require no prompting:

Reporter: Boss, I’ve got a great concept. Let’s add to the list of fake-news charges against Hillary that she was in ill-health. I am talking about, that was a big one. Take into account how she appeared to collapse after the 9/11 Memorial, and they were forced to pour her into the van like a bag of protoplasm?

Editor: Absolutely no. That’s not on our list of talking points.

Reporter: Talking points? I did not see them.

Editor: Does not matter. I noticed them. Hillary’s health is off-limits.

Reporter: How come? Because she’s really ill?

Editor: There’s no “really”. There is solely what we state there is. If we mention the health thing at this point, it’ll come back to life and everyone and his brother will weigh in on it. It’s counter-productive.

Reporter: Counter-productive to what precisely?

Editor: To two things. The first one I will not talk about because who knows who’s hearing? The second one is: counter-productive to you and I collecting our paychecks every week. Got it?

Reporter: Got it. Enough said. I’ll do another article on Putin and his Russian hackers.

Editor: And make it a great one. The Putin account is so damn thin individuals are giggling at us already.

Bottom line: the true fake news is coming right out of the major media, and is restricted to their shared and agreed-upon talking points.

To boil it down additionally: “We will say THIS but we won’t say THAT.”

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