Carrie Fisher Heart Attack At 60 Illuminati Sacrifice 119 Order Of DEATH!

Written by JayWill7497

Tha Urban Disciples do an interesting take on the supposed report of Carrie Fisher’s passing. There are strong indications that this occurrence was perhaps planned and or staged. In a recent report that I published It was mentioned that:


Fisher, who had just lately wrapped the filming of “Star Wars: Episode VIII,” the second of three new “Star Wars” films, was in the process of a tour to market her eighth book, an autobiography called “The Princess Diarist,” when she experienced the medical emergency.

Throughout a Nov. 21 appearance on TODAY, Fisher demonstrated no sign of being ill while she bantered with the hosts and dished about her romance with co-star Harrison Ford.

I can’t validate how credible the art of Gematria is but something just doesn’t feel right about this.


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Photo Gallery: Carrie Fisher: Actress, Author and ‘Princess’


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