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Obama-Trump Secret Hawaii Meeting Erupts Into Secret Service Standoff!

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Barack Hussein Obama: the single most failed president in United States history. At the end of his term, his party lost the presidency to a reality TV show host and businessman, they lost the senate, they lost the house, and they lost the opportunity to shift the majority of the supreme court judges. He divided the nation by class, race, and gender and he doubled the debt to 20 trillion dollars. He increased substantially the number of people on welfare, the number of illegal immigrants in the nation, and the number of people living below the poverty level. Average household incomes decreased. He promised people if they liked their health plan they could keep their health plan, if they liked their doctor they could keep their doctor, and their medical insurance costs would go down by $2600. None of that was true. By virtually every metric, his administration was an abject failure. Now, all of his policies will be undone and dismantled. Obama will die knowing his administration and he himself are total losers and failures.

An fascinating Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) advisory bulletin prepared for the Security Council (SC) is confirming that a secret meeting held yesterday between President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner at Marine Corps Base Hawaii erupted in a “scream fest” that triggered US Secret Service (SS) protective agents to get involved before physical violence was brought on

Based on this bulletin, in what is turning out to be a good transition of power between these two American presidents, President-elect Trump this past week sent his son-in-law Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka Trump to Hawaii to hold a number of secret meetings with President Obama and his White House staff on crucial problems needed to be “made/decided” before the 20 January 2017 power transfer of the American government.

Among the problems to be talked about in these secret Obama-Trump meetings, this bulletin details, was President Obama’s last minute attacks in opposition to America’s oil and coal industries, Obama’s approach to ease restrictions on weapons supplies to Syrian rebels (that Russia has labeled a “hostile act”), and, most seriously, Obama’s fantastic manipulation of the United Nations to censor Israel for its settlement building-and that today opens the door permitting President-elect Trump, when he takes on power, to not only defund the UN, but result in the Americans to leave this now pointless and ineffectual international organization straight up.

As President-elect Trump’s top negotiator with President Obama in these secret meetings, this bulletin details, Jared Kushner as an Orthodox Jew is by himself a wealthy man having a worth calculated at $1.8 billion, and who is extensively credited as being the person who got Trump elected-but whose “nuclear button” to stir up his deepest anger centers around any criticism of his father (and convicted felon) Charles Kushner.

With President Obama being recognized as the most divisive American leader in modern history, SVR analysts in this bulletin document, he was well knowledgeable of Jared Kushner’s “nuclear button”, and throughout yesterday’s secret meeting “suggested/implied” that his father, Charles Kushner, “might be safer living in Israel” if the Trump crew didn’t like how he, Obama, was doing his job-thus triggering Jared Kushner to “erupt in profanity” resulting in Secret Service agents to approach him in a “protective stance”.

As President-elect Trump will soon have the power to “rip Obama’s legacy out by its roots”, this bulletin records, President Obama in these secret meetings with Jared Kushner has not only failed to reach understanding on any of the problems before him objected to by the Trump crew, he has, in fact, made things a whole lot worse for the United States as a whole.

In one of the most despicable cases of what President Obama has done in opposition to his own nation just before President-elect Trump taking office, this bulletin carries on, was his instituting a new US rule this past week to cripple that nations coal industry, and that experts alert will trigger the elimination of thousands of jobs across the United States-but will advantage the South American nation of Colombia who last year imported 8.9 million short tons of coal to America; a nation, actually, that presently has the largest coal reserves in the whole world.

As to why President Obama has perversely lost thousands of American coal miner jobs in the richest coal nation in the world by permitting the importation of coal from Colombia, SVR analysts in this bulletin reveal, is completely because of Colombia having sent 800 of its troops to take part in Saudi Arabia’s genocide of the Yemeni people.

With one of his first acts upon gaining the US presidency (in 2009) being his travel to Saudi Arabia to bow down before its Islamic king, this bulletin further says, at this point that he his just weeks from losing power, President Obama is not only rewarding Colombia for its involvement of Saudi genocide, he has, additionally, tried to cripple American’s oil industry by last week completely banning oil drilling in millions of acres of ocean waters held by the US- therefore insuring America will have to continue importing over 1 million barrels of oil a day from Saudi Arabia, and whose US dollars they get, the Saudis, in turn, spend to support barbaric Islamic terrorists.

And with President Obama currently showing his true commitment is snugly with Saudi Arabia, not America, by his turning his back on Israel, permitting Saudi funded ISIS terrorists to have more weapons, putting thousands of US coal miners out of work so that Saudi ally Colombia can sell more coal, and keeping the US dependent on Saudi oil, this bulletin finishes, it is barely shocking that Jared Kushner stood up to Obama- instead it’s astonishing that no one has before.

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