The Elite Already Have The Collapse Planned, ‘Operation Shift Blame’ Has Gone HOT!: Brandon Smith

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What is the structure of a breakdown?

The previous eight years have already been incredibly hard for the true economy. Central bank involvement has propped up the stock market at the cost of the main street economy, at the cost of middle class security, at the cost of jobs.

And everybody understands that game can not carry on. The issue is how it will play out, and how long the game will likely be.

The Federal Reserve at long last introduced rate hikes – preparing one incremental boost after another throughout the coming Trump Administration.

The Illuminati are the ones behind the scenes manipulating world events, including the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere. George Bush, Tony Blair, Ariel Sharon and just about every other leader of a Nation are their “front men”, their “puppets”, who do what they are told to do. These leaders of Nations have little or no real total understanding of the corrupted economic systems and paper money scam set up by the Illuminati to insure their global control of Nations. The leaders of Nations make none of the really important decisions that affect the Nation they lead and the world. They are merely “speech readers”, reading the scripted speeches and carrying out the actions that have been planned by the Illuminati years in advance.

War is the major way for the EVIL, sinister, insane Illuminati to control humanity.

War or the threat of war, or so-called staged “terrorist” mass casualty producing events, cause FEAR in the People and diverts their attention from what is really going on behind the scenes, as the “hidden” Illuminati LOOT the government treasuries of the world for their personal financial gain. They LEND MONEY TO BOTH SIDES in every war and funnel money through their global web to the few so called “terrorist” groups in the world. Remember it was just recently disclosed that Yasser Arafat {another Illuminati “puppet”}was a billionaire, if you can imagine that. Meanwhile the naive poor Palestinian and Israeli populations are killing each other and being mis-used by the Illuminati to cause more never-ending “war for profits”.

So called “terrorist” groups enables the Illuminati to create a “cheap enemy” that they can use as the reason to increase defense spending in a Nation. They then collect interest on the hundreds of billions of dollars that need to be borrowed by the government of their “puppet” leader of a Nation, who gets his “puppet”government to approve the billions of dollars to be used for war. The Illuminati also control the few huge major war corporations receiving the multi-billion dollar government war contracts.The Illuminati generated wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have cost the American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars so far and these and other planned Illuminati “wars for profits” will probably cost them hundreds of billions more in the future. WAR WAR WAR MONEY MONEY MONEY SICK SICK SICK!!!

Anyone with a brain, who can think for themselves could figure out that you don’t “liberate” people and get them to LOVE you by dropping bombs on them or by shooting them and killing their families, relatives and friends. This unfortunately is what America is doing to the people in Iraq. But every bomb that’s dropped from planes and every bullet that is shot from guns is more and more profit for the Illuminati war corporations.

Other major “weapons” that the Illuminati use in their silent arsenal of “FINANCIAL WARFARE” on the People of the world is DEBT,CREDIT and INTEREST. By keeping governments, individuals and businesses in constant debt that accumulates extraordinary amounts of interest, the Illuminati bankers make untold billions of dollars.and this enables them to control the “slaves” and their governments and businesses. If the bankers do not loan money to the governments, businesses or individual “slaves” who may need to borrow, they can destroy the government, business or “slave”. Debt is the Illuminati’s “silent” Weapon of Mass Destruction.

The super wealthy members of the Illuminati, with their TRILLIONS of dollars behind them, control the Federal Reserve “terrorist” group and the President, Vice President, and both the Democratic and Republican parties, including just about every Senator and Congressman, Governor and Mayor in the U.S.A. In essence they control the U.S. government and military. Mainly the Federal Reserve controls all the MONEY in the U.S.A. In the links below, you can read how the Federal Reserve, a private company, un-constitutionally prints the money in the U.S.A. and “LOANS” the money to the U.S. government and collects interest on this money. This is called the National Debt and over 40% of every one of your hard earned tax dollars goes to these bankers to pay just the yearly interest on this debt! But neither the American President, Vice President or any Congressman or Senator currently tells the American people this horrible TRUTH!
Close to 10 years of stimulus, quantitative easing, zero interest rates and effortless money for those on top is coming to a stop. For all those who have borrowed, it implies that the weight of debt is coming due – and the greatest borrower of all, the U.S. government, will encounter massive new costs like increased interest on $14 trillion in debt:

Rising interest rates aid savers and hurt borrowers. As the greatest borrower on the planet, the U.S. government will rapidly start out paying more to investors holding roughly $14 trillion in Treasury debt. “As debt continues to grow and interest rates return toward more normal levels, interest spending is slated to be the fastest growing part of the budget.” (source)
This crunch could effect state, businesses, municipalities and individual households in a big way also. On the other hand, the presidency of Donald Trump has altered the surface of the political landscape completely, and no one is quite certain what will occur – though a great deal on the left have been illuminating Trump as a neo-Hitlerian body.

Brandon Smith, who runs, might not fully understand the future either, but he has created a very strong track record for forecasting the “surprise” victories for Brexit in the UK, and for Trump in the U.S.
But he didn’t just foresee their win at the polls, but that these new signposts of the conservative, populist uprising would be utilized by the elite – who permitted these electoral shifts – to be able to scapegoat the arriving financial collapse.

As things proceed to play out, he is actually so far, proven strikingly precise, and should not be promptly disregarded.

Will Trump’s presidency be better comprehended in hindsight as what has presently been named: ‘Operation Shift Blame’?

Here is what Brandon Smith stated a few weeks ago in a concentrated interview with the X22 Report:

The Elite Already Have The Collapse Planned, ‘Operation Shift Blame’ Is A Go: Brandon Smith


As Brandon Smith states in the interview, the Trump presidency, if he is correct, is all about using a scapegoat for the crash of the economy in the course of his watch.

If the populists, nationalists, and conservatives are held responsible, then their perspectives are discredited, and momentum to control the consequences – and reestablish order to the system – falls back to the establishment that has, so far, been the target of growing contempt by a population over-run by the status quo and its series of catastrophes.

But with Trump – indisputably a vision to all Americans – the elite have a plot that will keep folks battling among themselves, separated by race, gender, politics and ideology.

Though President Obama and the circles in Washington keep suggesting the economy is recuperating, strengthening and providing, nothing could be even further from the truth.

The economy is actually “kept on life support” since 2008, when there ought to have been a larger crash… but that, too, will come due. They’ve been synthetically propping up the system with stimulus methods, and basically preventing that involvement will usher in a collapse. As outlined by Brandon Smith:

“They’re setting it up to where a crash occurs during a Trump presidency, and Trump and conservatives are blamed in the process.”
It won’t happen overnight. The economic collapse is a “process, not an event” – one that takes place over the course of several years, even a decade. Based on Brandon Smith, 2017 will probably notice a key thrust of that collapse.

As the fiscal situation becomes more and more untenable, and the government more anxious to pay the bills, we will probably notice government pensions confiscated, promises benefits decreased or postponed, and other measures to pay debts.

On the pretext of preserving the financial stability of the system, banks might result in “locking out” accounts, seizing funds and account holders and investors could encounter severe haircuts.

America might well notice credit freezes, shortages on the shelves, deliveries could end, and folks could lose their minds as normal life is interrupted. As Smith argues,

“Removing stimulus and ‘turning off the spigot’ will initiate collapse on its own…. and end up being worse than the Great Depression

Smith: “Whatever’s going to happen is going to happen between now and early 2018, because that’s their window of time to create enough chaos and desperation in order to convince people, to rationalize the idea of switching to a global currency system. After that, I would expect there would be a process of acclimating the public to this new system, and I would expect that a lot of countries would be in third world conditions for a while after that.”

A mixture of hyperinflation, and deflationary pressures could additionally wreck the economy, and even decimate the value of the dollar. Additional repercussions could spiral out of control from there.

Currently, there are blueprints on the books for government to utilize its nearly-unlimited powers to grab private assets at a personal or institutional level in an effort to meet the needs, perceived or real, of society. Countless executive orders give fiat authority to the executive branch to use dictatorial control and abuse private property and personal assets – not the least of which will be private holdings in gold and silver.

The elites have long indicated that the surge of a truly global currency will substitute the crash of the dollar system, and the extreme economic downfall of the United States. This has been in the works for a long, long time.

The system is going to crash no matter what… so, arguably, this is exactly how they are organizing for it to play out.

The only issue left, is: how will you get ready?

For those who want to survive, and be as untouched as achievable, that implies building up a supply of food, water, guns, gold, alternative heating and power, medicine, barter items and other necessary supplies. It also indicates organizing psychologically to cope with the loss of income, the breakdown of groceries, supplies and easily-available goods; and it implies to distancing oneself from the most vulnerable – and potentially unstable – segments of society.

Specifically, it might be smart to leave major urban centers, or have a workable exit strategy to a place that is both rural and self-sustaining. Needless to say, these are major plans that have to be made based on the individual needs of each family.

Nevertheless, the time is past to claim that these things are not occurring; it is time to make some very considerable strategies for what you will do during what occurs after that.

Just look to Venezuela or India for a view of how raw things can become once the fiat paper currency ceases to circulate freely, or provide for the life that most have become comfortable living.

As Brandon Smith believes:

“I think the plan is to kill the dollar’s world reserve status, and that will severely limit the dollar’s value on the global market. We’ll still have our green dollars, with the presidents, but the value will no longer be controlled by the Federal Reserve… I think the Federal Reserve will step aside for the IMF, and the IMF will become the new global mediator of currency values.”

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