WikiLeaks: Obama Expelling Diplomats Breaches Intl Law, Moscow Should Put It Off Till Trump In Office!

Written by JayWill7497

WikiLeaks has belittled the new package of US sanctions in opposition to Russia, declaring it violates international law. The whistleblowing group, nevertheless, indicates that Moscow hold its fire till January 20, when President-elect Donald Trump takes office.

“Obama’s banning Russian diplomats from entering into two diplomatic properties in the US is likely a violation of the Vienna Convention,” WikiLeaks explained on Twitter.

It went on to indicate that Moscow may want to wait until US President-elect Trump’s inauguration on January 20 before taking any action.

“The Russian embassy must be facing a dilemma over its 2 banned compounds. Overnight decommission, or put in people + food in and wait for Jan 20,” they published.

The group even ran a Twitter poll, which questioned whether Moscow should “torch 40 years overnight” or “hole up & wait for Jan 20.”

Trump has consistently stated he is willing to work with Russia, and has largely disregarded the allegations of Moscow meddling into the November US elections, which the outgoing Obama administration has promised to address. Moscow is carefully optimistic about the relations with the new US government, stating that it will have to wait and see if Trump’s election assurances match his actions after he comes into office.

Additionally  WikiLeaks Founder, Assange Gave President Trump 1 More Gift Before The Inauguration.

Trump got many many gifts from WikiLeaks! This organization crushed Hillary to peaces! And now the founder, Jillian Assange gave Trump the last present before his inauguration

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says he had “mixed” feelings about the election’s outcome but offered praise for President-elect Donald Trump. In an interview with Italian newspaper la Republicca, Assange favorably compared Trump to rival Hillary Clinton, saying at least the president-elect was “not a DC insider.”

“He is part of the wealthy ruling elite of the United States, and he is gathering around him a spectrum of other rich people and several idiosyncratic personalities,” Assange said in the interview, which was first reported by the Guardian. Assange suggested Trump’s incoming administration was a “weak structure,” but he noted that could create an opportunity for change in Washington.

“They do not by themselves form an existing structure, so it is a weak structure which is displacing and destabilizing the pre-existing central power network within DC,” he said. Great thinking! We are also more than sure that Trump is going to bring great changes to Washington!

“It is a new patronage structure which will evolve rapidly, but at the moment its loosens means there are opportunities for change in the United States.” Assange said it could be “change for the worse and change for the better.”

WikiLeaks released a series of documents harmful to Clinton throughout the campaign, many of which came from hacks of the Democratic National Committee as well as Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s personal email. The U.S. intelligence community has publicly said Russia was behind the hacks, and a CIA assessment reportedly concluded the Kremlin was specifically trying to help Trump win.

Assange has denied the documents came from Russia. On Election Day, he posted a statement denying that the document leaks were meant to back any specific candidate. He insisted that he only published documents about Clinton because he didn’t receive any leaks from Trump’s side. And we are so thankful to WikiLeaks for that! They helped us to defeat Hillary and give Trump the opportunity to finally change America and make the country great again!

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