Skanky Liberal Megyn Kelly Flips The Script Joins The Dark Side By Signing With Leftist NBC!

Written by JayWill7497

Ex – Fox News celebrity hooks up with left leaning NBC fake News

NBC reported Tuesday afternoon that new media favorite Megyn Kelly was hooking up with the network for an undisclosed salary after spending the last 12 years with Fox News.

Reported by the New York Times, NBC News chairman Andrew Lack “wooed” Kelly away from Fox by giving her a triple role that involves her own daytime show, a Sunday evening show, and regular appearances on the network’s exclusive political programming.

“The move will herald a seismic shift in the cable news landscape, where Ms. Kelly had become the second-most watched host – after Bill O’Reilly of Fox News – and often helped define the national political debate, especially over the last year as Donald J. Trump regularly attacked her, at times in viciously personal terms,” the Times noted.

Many spotted this coming after a year in which Kelly spent time targeting not only Donald Trump but also her own network as well as apparently feuded with Fox News other significant host, Bill O’Reilly.

The move to the brazenly liberal leaning NBC also appears to validate that Kelly herself was never really in opposition to the “liberal media elite” but was instead auditioning to join them. One can only envision that she will commence her attacks on conservatives soon enough.

Fortunately, with the rise of the alternative media, corporate talking heads like Kelly are becoming useless as millions upon millions of Americans basically do not trust anything coming from the establishment networks and newspapers. Laughably, NBC doesn’t appear to have gotten the memo and are evidently intending Kelly can transform that.

Skanky Liberal Megyn Kelly Joins Fake News NBC. GOOD RIDDANCE!!

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