Wikileaks Offers $20,000 Prize For Anybody Revealing Information On Obama Administration Destroying Records!

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WikiLeaks is presenting a $20,000 reward to anybody who reveals the destruction of “significant records” by a member of the Obama administration. In a tweet on Tuesday night, Wikileaks stated “We are issuing a $20,000 incentive for data leading to the arrest or exposure of any Obama admin agent wiping out important records,” nevertheless, it has not explicitly claimed that the administration is suspected of wrongly getting rid of material.

The shocking declaration might have been triggered by a previous tweet in which Wikileaks hinted that the US government is silently getting rid of mentions of the organization from official statements: “‘WikiLeaks’ disappears from US govt statements. Compare 7 Oct 2016, vs 16 December, 2016 & December 29, 2016 JAR”

Ten minutes before offering the incentive, WikiLeaks advised any system administrator working under Obama to become whistleblowers: “System admins: Don’t let the White House destroy US history again! Copy now, then send to WikiLeaks at your leisure.”

Embedded in the tweet was a screenshot of a 2009 email sent from Principal Deputy Counsel for the Obama administration Daniel Meltzer to James Messina, then-White House deputy chief of staff. The mail talks about a request from the National Archives as to the location of a missing and considered stolen two terabyte drives made up of electronic records from the Bill Clinton administration. The email was sent to Hillary Clinton by aide Cheryl Mills.

As RT adds, Republicans have also run into difficulties over their lack of preservation of administration emails. The George W. Bush administration lost millions of emails in the lead-up to the war in Iraq, declaring they had been mistakenly mislabeled. The communications were later retrieved. Federal Law calls for the preservation of presidential records, nevertheless personal records are exempt.

The tweets were released just hours before the airing of the full Sean Hannity interview with Julian Assange, which is already the topic of at least two Trump tweets, as mentioned earlier. In the first tweet, Trump sided with Assange’s side of the account that Russia was not engaged in the hacking of the DNC, as follows “Julian Assange said “a 14 year old could have hacked Podesta” – why was DNC so careless? Also Russians did not give him the info!” In a subsequent tweet, Trump quoted Assange in whacking the US press: “Julian Assange on U.S. media coverage: “It’s very dishonest.” #Hannity″ More dishonest than anyone knows.”

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