Gerald Celente – Who Gives a Crap? The New York Times, The Toilet Paper of Record!

Written by JayWill7497

The New York (NY) Times has been labeled the “(news)paper of record” since 1924. Some pundits assert that the Times distorts truth and should not be depended upon as the true, correct historical record of world events. The unflattering nickname “toilet paper of record” for the New York Times has been cited in print since at least 2001.

Other Times nicknames include things like “Gray Lady,” “Jew York Times,” “New Duranty Times,” “New York Crimes,” “New York Slimes,” “New York Times-Democrat,” “New Yuck Times,” “Old York Times” and “Pravda on the Hudson,”

Ah, the New York Times, the “Toilet Paper of Record”. as Gerald Celente calls it. Why even talk about the NYT? It is a thoroughly worthless institution and adds no value to the Democratic Republic. As for never-ending war on the world, change the dynamic of Republicrat rule in this country and the wars will inevitably end……………


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