Brace For Impact! Super Storms Ahead! West Coast & USA!

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We’ve got storm after storm after storm coming to hit the West Coast & move East & exit the USA. Prepare for rain, wind, flooding and too much snow in some areas.

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Storms pose double-edged sword to California: Flooding, mudslides vs. drought relief

Additional rounds of rain and mountain snow will cause more travel problems, but will also bring more drought relief to California during much of this next week.
The large storm that rolled ashore this past week will weaken over the Northwest states.
However, at least three more rounds of moisture will be flung at California from the Pacific Ocean this week.
More storms, travel problems in store this week
Each storm has the potential to renew the risk of flash flooding and mudslides, especially in urban and recent burn areas.
One potent storm system is scheduled to roll ashore from the Pacific Ocean early this week.

After first drenching western Oregion and northern California into Sunday evening, rain will expand southward through central California and parts of Southern California during Sunday night and on Monday.
“Heavy rain will fall from the central and northern coast of California to the Central Valley,” according to AccuWeather Meteorologist Alyson Hoegg. “Drenching rain will also reach the Los Angeles Basin.”
Enough rain accompanied by a low cloud ceiling and fog will cause airline delays to expand southward across the state.
Motorists should anticipate a wet and slow commute over much of the state on Monday.

Arctic air to plunge back into midwestern, eastern US at midweek

Following a major winter storm set to unleash rain, snow, ice and gusty thunderstorms in the central and eastern U.S., arctic air will briefly surge back into the Midwest and East by midweek.
The arctic blast may be a shock for residents from the Deep South to the mid-Atlantic, who are set to enjoy record-breaking warmth on Tuesday.
Highs in the middle to upper 70s F are in store for the Deep South, with middle to upper 60s extending northward into the Ohio Valley and southern mid-Atlantic.
“The mildest air since mid-January will surge into the East from Tuesday into Wednesday morning as temperatures soar to levels 15-25 degrees Fahrenheit above normal, with readings between 5 and 15 degrees above normal in the Midwest on Tuesday,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Brett Rathbun said.
However, the springlike warmth will be short-lived as a quick blast of arctic air returns to the Midwest by Wednesday and reaches the East Coast by Thursday.

Heavy snow will again fall over much of the Sierra Nevada with each storm.
While snow levels will vary with each storm, “a few more feet of snow will fall over the central and northern Sierra Nevada at elevations generally above 6,000 feet,” Hoegg said.
Motorists who plan on venturing over Donner Pass should be prepared for wintry conditions and possible road closures from the storm on Monday and Monday night.
Snow levels will remain above the passes in Southern California with the storm on Monday.
“Another storm is slated to roll in from the Pacific during Monday night and Tuesday, followed by a third storm during Wednesday night into Friday,” according to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson.

“Rain and mountain snow from the latter two storms will focus on central and northern California, rather than areas farther to the south,” Anderson said.
Snow levels will be higher for the mid and late-week storms. All or mostly rain may fall at Donner Pass as a result.
Ongoing storms to further boost drought relief
In addition to the potential for renewed flooding and mudslides, rain and snow from the storm will likely shave another layer of drought intensity off Southern California by late next week.
Storms to date have wiped out the drought in northern California and have significantly reduced the drought farther south, according to the United States Drought Monitor. Only a small part of Southern California between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles remains in extreme drought as of Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2017.
This season to date, rainfall has already had a great positive impact on many reservoirs in California, according to KQED.
The rain has filled some reservoirs to the point where water is now being released downstream.

Millions to face storm impacts next week: Snow, rain, wind and severe weather to unfold


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