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Water fluoridation is the addition of the chemical fluoride to public water supplies, for the purpose of minimizing cavities.

About two-thirds of the U.S. population has fluoridated public water, based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Of those served by community water systems, the percentage climbs to 74.6 percent.

What is fluoridation?

Fluoride is an ionic compound extracted from fluorine, which is the single most reactive element; it is naturally discovered in many rocks. About 95 % of the fluoride incorporated to public water supplies is manufactured from phosphorite rock, based on the CDC.

Since its launch beginning in the 1940s, fluoridation has been the source of extensive controversy. Pro-fluoridation supporters point out that the process is “safe and effective” for reducing cavities, especially in poor children. Water fluoridation is supported by the American Medical Association, the American Dental Association and the CDC, which lists it as one of the top 10 most significant public health measures of the 20th century.

Those on the opposite side state that it is unethical form of mass-medication, without each individual’s authorization or knowledge. By putting fluoride in drinking water, the dosage cannot be controlled, since some folks – like laborers and folks with kidney issues – drink much more water than others. People in opposition to fluoridation also dispute that since fluoride-rich toothpaste is accessible, fluoride needn’t be put in to water. The first fluoridated toothpaste, Crest, was launched in 1955.

Fluoride opponents, such as the Fluoride Action Network, refer to studies demonstrating that high levels of fluoride have been associated to a number of negative health effects like bone fractures, thyroid disorders and impaired brain development and function.

Chemical waste from phosphate mining is refined into fluoride and dumped into our tap water. This saves and creates big money for the phosphate mining industry, at our expense. This is scary. The implications are even more frightening.

Acclaimed as a harmless chemical that would stop tooth decay, new proof demonstrates how fluoride could be connected to severe health problems.

Fluoridation was first advanced in the US at the end of the second World War. Advocates contended that fluoride in water and toothpaste would assist to protect teeth and prevent decay. Over the following decades, fluoride was added to public water supplies across the country.

While the advantages of fluoridation have been held to be unquestionable, amassing proof points to a terrifying prospect: that fluoride may have severe adverse health effects, which includes infant mortality, congenital defects and IQ.

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