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Philippine Military In Heavy Clashes With ISIS Affiliates During Battle Over Control Of Marawi

Written by JayWill7497

Intense scenes from the Philippines shows the Philippine military in heavy clashes and urban combat firefights supported by bombing and airstrikes of the Philippine air force and army against ISIS affiliated groups in the city of Marwari where the Philippine government and ISIS are in a fierce battle over control.

Islamist militants locked in street-to-street battles with security forces in a southern Philippine city have killed 19 civilians, the military said Sunday, bringing the official death toll from nearly a week of fighting to at least 85.

The violence prompted the president, Rodrigo Duterte, to declare martial law on Tuesday across the southern third of the Philippines to quell what he said was a fast-growing threat of militants linked to the Islamic State group.

Al-Masdar News has obtained the first official Islamic State video from Marawi, an embattled city in the southern Philippines which witnessed a large-scale ISIS uprising last week, compelling Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte to start a 60-day state of emergency in the province of Lanao.


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