Strange ‘Underwater Wall’ That Encompasses The Whole Planet Discovered On Google Earth

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A strange video posted on YouTube claims there is a super massive wall positioned beneath Earth’s oceans, encompassing the entire planet.

This strange wall, discovered by a YouTube channel called ‘Flat Earth Arabic’ claims the massive wall tens of thousands of miles across beneath the ocean.

In the distant past, UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists have discovered countless unusual things on Google Earth. From pyramids to mysterious towers, petroglyphs, and even sunken cities, Google Earth has unleashed the imagination of people around the globe.

Not long ago we reported about a supposed humongous underwater pyramid just off the coast of Mexico—12°8’1.5″N, 119°35’26.4″W—where a researcher discovered a humongous underwater pyramid. Among the numerous structures that are said to remain hidden beneath the ocean, ‘researchers’ have found things that — theoretically — challenges everything we understand about our history.

Last year, a teenager working with Google Earth ‘discovered’ what researchers are calling one of the largest, previously undiscovered ancient cities belonging to the Maya.

In similar ways, researchers all around the globe have been searching for Pyramids and lost structures that have evaded specialists for decades.

In 2012, American researcher Angela Micol discovered ‘Pyramids larger than those found on the Giza Plateau, using satellite images.

But countless different discoveries have been produced utilizing Google Earth.

Last year we documented about a complex of structures that stretch for a staggering 76 miles at its furthest points.

The formations discovered off the coast of Baja California also include mysterious tube-like constructions that are roughly 2.4 miles in width. Given the curious shape and distinguishable lines, many believe these are just some of the many underwater structures on our planet.

However, these new claims go beyond anything we’ve probably ever come across.

This wall’s sheer size and its adherence to linearity suggest it is not a natural formation to many. In fact, many people are confident that due to the numerous discoveries made across the globe which totally contradict history as we have been taught in school, something like this is entirely feasible. After all — they say — Earth is millions of years old and we are begging to uncover proof that suggests many ancient civilizations inhabited Earth in our planet’s long history.

But, hold on a sec, this can’t be a wall, right?
Zooming in on the available coordinates you plainly see what looks to be a MASSIVE structure. But who could have constructed such a wall? If it truly is an artificial structure, how old is it? What was its purpose?

Many disagree and don’t think we are looking at an actual wall. The truth is, there even might be a perfectly practical explanation for the enigmatic finding.

What if we are seeing a Google Earth glitch?

Due to the fact that Google Earth uses different images while ‘mapping the planet’, it isn’t uncommon to encounter parts of the map that just didn’t quite match completely, resulting in a MASSIVE wall that encompasses the entire planet.

One of the most likely explanations for this ‘impressive find’ is that we are looking at a digital seam in the mapping of the Poles.

Satellite image stitching error?
Image stitching or photo stitching is the process of mixing multiple photographic images with overlapping fields of view to produce a segmented panorama or high-resolution image.

Commonly carried out through the use of computer software, most approaches to image stitching require nearly exact overlaps between images and identical exposures to produce seamless results.

Image stitching is widely used in today’s world and was used in the satellite images we are seeing on Google Earth.

But an complete wall that encompasses Earth?
A lot of things can have played a role in producing such an effect. Illumination, point of view, reference, and many other things may have played a crucial role in this massive error. One of the most likely explanations for the seam showing could be the background switching between two images for the same continuous foreground.

Check out the video:

What are your thoughts? What are we looking at there? A Supermassive wall as the above video reports? Or just another glitch in the image processing techniques in Google maps?


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