Agenda 21

The Beginning Of Big Pharma And Its Connection With UN Agenda-21

Written by JayWill7497

Desire for limitless wealth and power is a primarily inherited character for most of folks. But only a small percentage from whole human race has an entry to unlimited money source that in turn supplies them with unimaginable amount of power over rest of us. This has become achievable through modern banking system and by producing monopolies across numerous industries.

But what is the next desire for those who have unlimited wealth and extraordinary power. The solution could differ from person to person but the best response is presented by analyzing the way through which homeopathic medication was substituted by modern allopathic medicines.

J.P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller have taken over medical industry with astonishingly small amount of money and efforts. It is because of transformation of medical industry by these powerful men that are currently forcing folks to purchase expensive medicines like a $1000 cancer pill from the market. In U.S. and around the world the medical facilities are at this point becoming costlier and costlier with every passing day.

Thus a major component of human population has been starving of a fundamental human right of ample medical access. Over ambitious folks want to mold societies based on their own whim irrespective of the consequences, that was precisely the case with these men which provoked them to have a control over the whole medical industry.

After constructing an oil empire through standard oil corporation, John D. Rockefeller and handful of other oligarchs understood pharmaceutical industry as a new lucrative business opportunity. But up to nineteenth century homeopathy was a primary system of medication. In homeopathy natural ingredients and other non-toxic substances were utilized to stimulate bodies own defence mechanism against the disease. But the natural remedies were cheap and could not be patented, which was an unfavorable component for oligarchy so they thought of it necessary to remove homeopathy as a system of medication in order to make massive profits out of the health industry.

Thus a new procedure of medication in the form of patentable pharmaceutical drugs known by the name of allopathy was about to be presented. In Allopathy huge doses of chemicals, minerals and complicated surgery procedures are utilized for curing diseases.

The first phase towards switching homeopathy by allopathy was the establishment of “Rockefeller institute of medical research” in 1901 by John D. Rockefeller. Simon Flexner a pathology professor from the University of Pennsylvania was appointed as a director of institute.

Simultaneously Abraham Flexner an educator was contracted by Carnegie foundation which was a sister organization of Rockefeller institute of medical research. Abraham Flexner published Flexner report in 1910 which instructed American medical schools to adhere strictly towards modern pharmaceutical drugs.

Later Flexner’s report and Rockefeller institute of medical research proved instrumental in overhaling the medical industry in the U.S. and in the rest of the world. For controlling the medical profession Rockefeller has to acquire a total control over the direction of medical research carried out by medical schools.

Therefore the oligarchs donated massive sums of money in the name of philanthropy to the medical schools across U.S. on a condition that they have to appoint a few men of Rockefeller into the board of directors to these medical schools.

The infusion of massive amounts of money aided the medical institutions in buying expensive equipment’s, building infrastructure, hiring of efficient teachers etc. but as pre-planned, the men of Rockefeller who were now serving among board of directors in numerous medical schools directed the medical research and education towards allopathy rather than homeopathy.

In due course homeopathic physicians were proclaimed as quacks in U.S.. Now the road was wide open for oligarchs to bring in petrochemical based pharmaceutical drugs in to the markets which were in fact manufactured in their own petrochemical plants. A total control was set up by 1940s over the whole medical industry and the revenue of the oligarchs skyrocketed at the expense of the health care of the global population.

It is very astonishing that how a little money and efforts from the oligarchs transformed the medical industry across the globe.

A fundamental human need was transformed in to an extraordinarily profitable business opportunity. Today the markets across the globe are flooded with pharmaceutical drugs severing poorly to general public and resourcefully to those who are in control of the system.

Modern pharmaceutical industry to some extent has served the patients but in fact it has brought expensive health care and a idea of profiteering from ill society.

Today the pharmaceutical industries are putting profit over health.

But the question remains, after monopolizing the health and petroleum industries and an entry to unlimited money supply through central banking fraud, what could be the next phase from the oligarchy.

There are different solutions to explain it across various dimensions, but as far as health, population and medication of human species is involved UN Agenda 21 and eugenics offers a clue with regards to their future policies.

UN-Agenda 21 is a comprehensive system that would be enforced by the United Nations, governments and additional voluntary organizations, so that destruction done to the environment can be reversed by minimizing the global population. It is developed to control all natural resources, global population and complete landmass by a central authority that would be able to bypass the judgements of democratic governments across the globe.

UN-Agenda-21 is made up of a nine point comprehensive strategies, out of these nine points four are directly involved with reducing the number of humans living on this planet. They truly want to convert a major part of the land mass into wildness space. The final point of the agenda promotes the usage of every possible measure like vaccination, abortion and reduction in fertility for reducing human population.

For implementing the plan Bill gates has contributed $50 million for vaccination in India, Pakistan and in Africa. A report posted in a tribune in Pakistan on 17 November; 2011 pointed out that the “global alliance for vaccination and immunization” which is funded by bill and Melinda gates foundation is triggering deaths and disabilities among the children in Pakistan. In a TED speech recorded in 2010 bill gates appeared highly focused towards introduction of vaccination , health care and reproductive health services (abortion) for reducing human population.

Further the advertisement of agenda 21 demonstrated on the TV across US plainly promotes the concept of removing footprints of humans from the surface of the planet.

Another advertisement of agenda 21 implies murdering of children with disabilities instead of investing revenue on their health care and on the other hand the vaccination promoted by Bill and Malinda gates foundation has elevated the percentage of children that are born with disability.

Hennery Kissinger the ex – national security advisor of US government stated “depopulation should be our highest priority of the foreign policy towards the third world” these propositions are very surprising and dangerous indeed.

Instead of focusing on effective utilization of resources, wealth redistribution and people friendly economic system they are more involved with killing fellow humans for fulfilling their own selfish interests.

They want a drastic reduction in human population, so that their idea of eugenics can be put in a place. Eugenics is a social order in which only a tiny number of elite people from the society have a right to produce their offspring’s.

They consider it harmful for environmental health if everyone can have their offspring’s. With the development of technology fewer number of individuals are now required to run the machinery of the society and this trend will remain and continue in future also, so as outlined by them, it is unnecessary to have a growing human population when they have a little function to play in a society. So it is clear that how a greed for money and power of oligarchs has caused them to generate monopolies, modern slavery and a more concerted future aspect of depopulating the globe.


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