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The Deep State Chess Game To Unseat President Trump Is Reaching Its Climax

Written by JayWill7497

The guy who created the video below twigged on the same statements from Steve Pieczenik that got my interest, and he does a really good job of going deeper. He frames the current moves within the deep state based on the philosophy of Antonio Gramsci and the result is fascinating. “Communitarianism”.

Previously I provided the video from Infowars in which Pieczenik explains us “he/they” announced that Vladimir Putin was to be the next President of Russia; that he was in Germany, and buddies with Angela Merkel. And that is precisely what happened.

Think about this: They have created what we think we want, but it’s going to be what they want FOR us. Worth thinking about. Humanity is highly manipulated on every level and it’s time we recognized it.

In that state, it’s effortless for the controllers to dangle carrots and tell us “this is what is possible when we free you”, when we have little no concept what the other possibilities are and haven’t spent much time thinking about alternatives. There could be something far grander out there that we haven’t yet dreamed.

Sure, what we’re seeing presented is a darn sight better than the alternative, but is it what we WANT, NEED, and DESERVE? Are we really winning? Little has improved, as the factions are duking it out for control.

One faction is offering a new government, a new leader, but is that what we really want? Many of us would like to dispense with government altogether. Once we become the society we are destined to become, we won’t require government. Could this truly be a case of “out of the frying pan, into the fire”?

Are Putin and Trump who they would like us to believe? Or are they simply playing their roles to seduce the unsuspecting public; offering a “better way”, but not the “best” way? There is a wild card here, nevertheless, and that is that Putin is not the same one; he’s been switched.

They’re doing a spectacular job of making Trump look good, informing us that the world is in love with him and what he symbolizes, bringing us the Boy Scout speech, and he’s playing the role beautifully and very confidently, I thought. Almost too confidently taking into consideration there’s a target on his back.

The opposition has launched into full swing. Infowars now has Pieczenik and Stone singing the praises of Alex Jones to his millions of followers, and it looks like the game is in a new phase. It’s the END game, and we’re in sudden death overtime. It will be very intriguing to find out how this all plays out, because I’m assured there are many twists and turns yet to come and in the end, we will be the victors.

You can or might not concur that this scenario is what we are witnessing unfold at the hands of the manipulations of masters, but either way, I’d say this is a ‘don’t miss’ video. Powerful stuff.

Since the election one has hardly had the opportunity to avoid the screeching emanating from the Mainstream Media and the multitudes of progressive shills that revolves around President Trump’s illegitimacy as the nations Commander in Chief. Anything from his tax records, to his “locker room talk” to his apparent connections to Russia, something that is still lacking a smoking gun, have been completely tossed at the American public constantly. The veracity with which the Deep State and its puppets have taken to this attempt should be enough of a warning sign to the discerning citizen that all might not be as the establishment wishes us to believe.


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The Establishment continue to push forward in their attempt to shut down the alternative press that is rapidly growing and pushing out the faltering mainstream media. As the EU demands social media sites censor fake news and Reddit, Facebook and other sites begin blocking Fusion Laced Illusions and other alternative media it is now alarmingly evident that their truly is a war on free speech.


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