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Scaramucci Secretly Tried To Destroy Trump For 10 Days On Job – Here’s What Else He Was Hiding

Written by JayWill7497

Breaking reports from the White House Monday reveal that President Trump has fired Anthony Scaramucci from his position as communications director, just 10 days into the job.

As the sudden move on President Trump’s part is sending shockwaves through the political atmosphere today, disturbing information is surfacing about what Scaramucci did over the past 10 days, that making many wonder if he was a simply a liberal plant sent in to incite chaos within the Trump Administration.

We all had high hopes that with the addition of Scaramucci to Trump’s team, the White House leakers would finally pay their price for their ongoing treasonous antics towards our president.

From day 1 Scaramucci vowed to fire every last leaker, even if that meant firing “every single person” in the West Wing.

But now it’s appearing that Scaramucci’s badass facade just a smokescreen, as the true reason he got a job as Trump’s communication director is now coming to light.

Breitbart reports that just days into his new position at the White House, Scaramucci’s outlandish antics began setting off massive red flags for Trump and administration officials.

Scaramucci’s profanity-laced tirade to the left-leaning New Yorker magazine was only part of the issue, as the debacle began days before Scaramucci’s rant to Ryan Lizza began making headlines.

Appearing on CNN’s State of the Union before officially starting his job at the White House, Scaramucci revealed a confidential conversation he held with President Trump, going on to out the president has his “anonymous source.” The conversation was then used by CNN to perpetrate their ongoing Russian-Trump collusion hysteria.

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