Watch: Understanding The Times: The Restitution Of All Things

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Jan Markell and Eric Barger talk to journalist Joseph Farah first about the news industry. His inside information insights are valuable as conservative news sites are compromised more each week and finding the truth is difficult. He predicted the downfall of Fox News which is in process. Then they discuss his book, “The Restitution of All Things: Israel, Christians, and the End of the Age.” Find it in the Superstore at They focus on the Millennium, a time of near earthly perfection. People long for things to be better as we watch how broken our world is, and they get their wish in the Millennium.

Owners of well-known conservative websites have increasing reason to be worried their websites might be hacked or otherwise literally attacked for political motives. Ordinarily, hackers took an anarchist approach that mainly targeted government websites. These days, they are assailing politically conservative websites. Many of these more recent attacks are coming from hackers linked with Wikileaks. Some libertarian conservatives defend Wikileaks’ business of leaking government documents, unaware that its associates are hypocritically attempting to silence them. Aside from wreaking technical havoc, hackers have discovered they can utilize Google’s strict policy against deceptive website techniques to keep conservative websites hidden from the internet for long periods of time.


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The Establishment continue to push forward in their attempt to shut down the alternative press that is rapidly growing and pushing out the faltering mainstream media. As the EU demands social media sites censor fake news and Reddit, Facebook and other sites begin blocking Fusion Laced Illusions and other alternative media it is now alarmingly evident that their truly is a war on free speech.


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