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What You Need To Know About The BOOK Of ENOCH And The SYMBOLS Of DARKNESS

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The Book of Enoch (also 1 Enoch; Ge’ez: መጽሐፈ ሄኖክ mätṣḥäfä henok) is an ancient Jewish religious work, ascribed by tradition to Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah, although modern scholars estimate the older sections (mainly in the Book of the Watchers) to date from about 300 BC, and the latest part (Book of Parables) probably to the first century BC.

It is not part of the biblical canon as used by Jews, apart from Beta Israel. Most Christian denominations and traditions may accept the Books of Enoch as having some historical or theological interest, but they generally regard the Books of Enoch as non-canonical or non-inspired. It is regarded as canonical by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church, but not by any other Christian groups.

It is wholly extant only in the Ge’ez language, with Aramaic fragments from the Dead Sea Scrolls and a few Greek and Latin fragments. For this and other reasons, the traditional Ethiopian belief is that the original language of the work was Ge’ez, whereas non-Ethiopian scholars tend to assert that it was first written in either Aramaic or HebrewEphraim Isaac suggests that the Book of Enoch, like the Book of Daniel, was composed partially in Aramaic and partially in Hebrew.: No Hebrew version is known to have survived. It is asserted in the book itself that its author was Enoch, before the Biblical Flood.

Some of the authors of the New Testament were familiar with some of the content of the story. A short section of 1 Enoch (1:9) is cited in the New TestamentEpistle of JudeJude 1:14–15, and is attributed there to “Enoch the Seventh from Adam” (1 En 60:8), although this section of 1 Enoch is a midrash on Deuteronomy 33. Several copies of the earlier sections of 1 Enoch were preserved among the Dead Sea Scrolls.

There are ancient symbols all around us. What do they mean? Where do they come from? What is their purpose? Let’s look into the Book of Enoch and find out.

Pre-Flood History.

Study this book, next to the “Most Important Books, Old Testament and New Testament of the Bible (KJV)”! The book of Enoch is a study of Angels, Giants… and the second coming of the Messiah Jesus Christ/Son of Man/Son of God in the End Times.

The Lost Book of King Og:
The Book of Enoch | visueel Version:
The Book of Enoch | Spoken/Read Along Version:
Giants in the Old Testament:
List of giants: http….

For Research and Study: The Official King James Bible (KJV) Online. Old and New Testament: Free Download.
If you make the mistake and take the Mark of the Beast it is over for you. Free Bible Download that includes the Dictionary of every word in the Bible and the Meaning in the original tongue. Also has excellent word search.
The Book of Enoch | Spoken/Read Along Version:

Much of the Bible tale we know currently has carefully been sorted, so it doesn’t threaten the established belief system. Nevertheless, the Ethiopians have kept behind closed doors a more detailed Bible, made up of 88 books instead of the conventional 66 from the Kings James version. Those missing book, most well known being the Book of Enoch, speak of corrupted angels, humans with tremendous lifespans, the Nephilim, a great flood, in addition many other advanced teachings left behind by our forefathers that had thrived before this global cataclysm. In case you haven’t got word of Enoch, he was the great great grandfather of Noah, a righteous man that had made God’s bidding and was spared of his earthly demise. After he had performed his part, God took him besides him, unleashing the flood gates that had wiped most of the living creatures of the Earth.

Luckily, a handful of select humans had made it out alive to tell the tale of a time when giants roamed alongside men, and angels were educating humanity the ways of war and knowledge. The full post can be read here:


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